favorites things


These are some of my Favorite things

paisley tops
calico cats
old world sofas

comfy plimsoll shoes
parapluie from gay Paree
witty repartees

freshly powdered babies
rogue puppies, misbehaving
sun kissed alleys

chiaroscuro shadow light plays
puddles on streets, under trees
dappling indiscriminately

eaves dripping moist filigrees
renaissance gargoyles time burnished
cobblestone gothic haphazard streets

quickened heartbeats
pulsating street filled
lively metropolises

charming laid back
ancient cities, time
warped, anachronistic

chocolate dripping croissants
freshly baked macaroons, marzipan
accompanied by piping hot high tea

at the end of day
taste memories drool
mom’s love filled dishes

~photo taken in Budapest


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