Turning inwards
Examining my projections
I jeer and laugh
At my fakery

What I avow
I am not
What I am not
I aspire, avow

Life is a conundrum
A bundle of contradictions
How can there be only primary colors
And not fifty shades of gray

Someone said- live life, be human
I am that human who makes super human
Efforts to become seasoned and urbane
Treat life as a boon never a bane

Meditating, eyes closed
Does not make a Buddha
I mediate with eyes open wide
My case~ open and shut

Life’s vagaries
Spawn my fakery
Daily I bake petite fours
My oven stays virginal

I laugh inside
At myself and
My irrepressible impish
Laughter spills its guts outside

painting is by Frida Kahlo -What the water gave me


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