Face Off

Bolting out of elevator they ran towards the roof.  Several running feet gave  chase up the staircase.  The roof door opened with a bang! Face off!

Every heart present on the roof was pounding! Then a voice begged, “Please come home!  We are very sorry!  We promise never ever to trouble you again! Do come back! We cannot live without you please!!”  Then there was sound of sniveling.  Pin drop silence ensued.  

The couple, who had bolted to the roof, looked at one another in wonder!  Confronting them in their hideaway’s roof were their two sons and their bosom buddies.  Tired by their punk son’s foolish pranks and bad school reports, they had finally called it quits to parenting and had bolted from the house!

The role reversal shocked the kids.  Stuck with fending for themselves alone in their home, they realized their stupidity.  Chastened, they shaped up and started searching for their parents.  Finally they retrieved an old voicemail from the phone log and found them. 

After lots of begging and with their friends as witness to their solemn promise to behave and study in future, the parents relented and returned home.  All was well in their home sweet home finally.


Shock tactics struck pay dirt in more ways than one!


note:based on an old hollywood flick:)  


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