Eye of the Doe

Blundering into highway
Trying to find own way
Well trodden pathways
doe – gentle awkward soft
Tender dewy eyed faun
Headlights’ startled
Car screeched to a halt
Driver equally frightened

Startled doe, eyes wide
high tides of terror
Confused disoriented
Eye to eye with startled
Pleading for succor
Let me off hook, not book
no ticket to never    never land
led astray into soup by self

curiosity did me in,   wandered
Off path, ripe for punishment
Readying for mama’s wrath
Let me go let me cross
Be not cross as do know, we
bear heavy cross ..daily
Getting killed slaughtered
rash drivers, cold bloodied

hunter’s pride trophy mantle piece
limbs organs fleshed cured
Venison, leftovers
knick knack(ed) short spans
.. doe lot- doled out
Let me be wild and free
harmless doe bumbler
clumsy child is he


 (pic. is from internet)


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