Extreme Longing


Cresting falling waves
Of abject longing
Incapacitate  …

Once brushed by divine magic
Of your beloved presence
Am rendered senseless

Night and day: asleep awake
I thrash about in searing Sirocco*
Shaped dunes of abandonment

Why did you benignly shower
Glorious glimpses of what could be
Then withdraw ever so callously?

Numerous river waters have flown
Under bridges of my foolish desires
Be it lottery wins, change of circumstance

Topmost desire was, is soulfully solely “You”
Something I latched to, early on, let other boon
Seekers sing paeans to you in ornate temples

I am afflicted by your longing is such a way
Wherever I bungle about, am reminded of your
Master strokes: be it insignificant, consequential

Much as I enjoy trips to your houses of worship
Spire(d) churches, mosques, temples, synagogues
Pure joy of vis-à-vis connection is second to none

Take pity on this lamenting feeble devotee and come
On twos or fours wearing those adorable anklet bells
Creating magical rapture on that lucky reed, your flute

Just come in whatever shape size or form
O whimsical Blue beloved, haul me out of
This misery of mine that is of your making!

Just come….

**Sirocco is a Mediterranean wind that comes from Sahara Desert


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