Excavating Hearts

Mind and
Heart dynamics

Tussle between
Logic and emotional

Strong mind
Sternly tethered
Wayward heart

Wayward heart
Superseded logic
Runaway train

Runaway train
Fooled brain
Emotional drain

Emotional drain
Splattered heart
Mind strained

Mind strained
Sought refuge

Balance both
Else atrophy

Excavation of heart often
Exposes  grieving pieces
Cut by kin, unkind destiny

Blessed are those
Who live n die wholeheartedly
Minds humming happily

**Ancient Egyptians considered the heart to be the
center of the soul and the source of all knowledge.
The heart was supposed to be left in place during
mummification so that it could be weighed against
the feather of truth in the final judgment.


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