Euthanasia & Living Will Part I


The media was going crazy trying to get a glimpse of the Spanish Royal family and a chance for an interview with the grieving family members.  Everyone was stoic and tight-lipped.  Donna Isabella was brain dead. She had fallen down the marble staircase of her duplex penthouse in Manhattan and was on life support.  Per her living will, her shell shocked husband had asked the doctors to switch off her life support machine – but this news had been leaked out and now there a huge uproar from her devout  family members and the catholic clergy as Euthanasia was illegal in Spain.

Princess Donna Isabella had led a sheltered life and was always chaperoned by her beloved duena Tita Lozano who loved her like her own child.  She was the favorite of her Papa as she was the only daughter with two brothers.  She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman and had persuaded her papa to permit her to attend the wedding of her best friend Donna Maria to her elder brother Carlos’s best friend Paulo.  Carlos and she were in Rome for the wedding.  This was the first time she was away from the family and relished every moment.  It was a perfect morning and she had risen early and had quietly sneaked out on her own to visit the famous Fountain of Trevi.  Her friend and chauffeur whisked her away and she found herself standing in front of the fountain.  She opened her scarf and let her auburn tresses fly in the wind.  She laughed in sheer joy.  She looked picture perfect.  Diametrically opposite her stood Patrick Murphy who was there on a short Roman Holiday after a grueling work week.  He too was enjoying the view of Trevi when the sound of joyous laughter came as a pleasant wave and caressed his ears.

He lifted his head with a rich mane of blond hair and stared into a pair of dark limpid eyes.  He was enchanted.  Then as Isabella blushed and turned away to take some shots with her camera, he too did likewise.  But as luck would have it, they were so engrossed in capturing Trevi from all angles that they bumped into one another unawares!!  Patrick caught her in his arms or else she’d have toppled and fallen.  He was mesmerized by the pair of dark mischief laden eyes full of  laughter.  A dimple appeared on her left cheek and captivated him completely.  He was lost.    For her it was an adventure and her almost twenty year old heart was beating fast in excitement.

She was giddy headed and reckless and agreed when he asked her for coffee and a snack.  They made their way to an open air café and ordered coffee and croissants.  Both spoke at once asking questions and then he said you first.  Bella merely said she was a college student in town for her friend’s wedding.  Patrick said he was an architect and was working for the firm who had won the contract to rebuild New York world trade center.  He also mentioned that he had been offered a junior partnership in his firm as the senior partners were very pleased with his avant garde and futuristic design sense.  He would be their bridge between old world and the new mod design concepts.  Cupid had really struck and even though they’d just met, they both felt as though they knew one another from ages and time flew.  Soon they realized it was lunchtime and Isabella had to rush back for a formal luncheon with her friend.  Promising to call as soon as she was able to meet, she vanished from his sight.

to be contd….


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