Euthanasia and Living Will – Part II


Patrick Murphy felt himself drowning!! This was the first time he felt like that after his school days crush for science teacher with the sexy voice and drop dead gorgeous looks!!  He was in body changing phase and as his awareness grew, so did his puppy love for his teacher.  But that crush died rather quickly as he saw his teacher in a clinch with the  Physical Ed lady teacher and that fizzled his ardor like to a wet blanket on raging fire.

Isabella sped to her room to freshen up and hastened to the luncheon her friend’s family had thrown.  Her face was pink with all the morning excitement and she was dying to confide to her bro Carlos as they were very close to each other.  Finally she caught him on the terrace and told him about her invite and meeting with Patrick.  He cautioned her but upon seeing her happy face he agreed to come along and checkout Patrick.  Then Bella called and made rendezvous with the three of them for brunch on the piazza.

Carlos and Patrick hit off at the outset as both were avid soccer fans and traded notes et al.  Patrick had developed his love for soccer whilst in Europe for a couple of years studying architecture.  Carlos got good vibes from Patrick and gave his blessings to both Bella and Patrick.  Then he cautioned Patrick about their blueblood and warned him about possible bottlenecks where their alliance was concerned from the family and left them alone.  Time flew for both Bella and Patrick and it was time to leave.  Reluctantly they parted after exchanging phones and email info. etc.   Patrick informed Bella that he may actually make a work related trip to Madrid to get design inspiration from the magnificent edifices.  She was elated and promised to keep in touch in the interim and bid adieu.

Patrick and Carlos and Bella kept in constant touch and through them Patrick came to know the likes and dislikes of their parents and the other sibling Roberto.  He searched and found a rare coin to add to the royal dad’s collection.  Bella’s mom was fond of intricate filigreed hand held fans.  Patrick had picked up a rare fan on one of his trips to China and reluctantly decided to part with it as well.  He felt it was small price to pay for his Bella.  For Roberto and Carlos he decided to get autographed soccer balls.  Here he had a lucky break as David Beckham upon moving to California had short listed a few architectural firms and Patrick’s firm was one of them.  So, it was easy for him to request  autographed soccer balls. For his Bella, Patrick got his jewelry designer friend to design a beautiful delicate bracelet in platinum and precious stones.  All gifts ready and wrapped he could relax now.

He could concentrate on his projects as he wanted to do well financially so that he could provide all that his loving heart wished for his Bella viz. a lifestyle she was used to or at least up to her level. Their love had raced full throttle.

Patrick called up Bella and asked to speak to her dad.  Bella informed that already Carlos and she had filled him in about Rome events.  Patrick asked formal permission to court Bella.  Dad gave in conditionally saying he’d like to meet him personally first and invited him for dinner.    The royal apartments with their rich history and décor made his heart sink but he loved Bella dearly and was determined to disarm her Patrician parents.  He had his gift bag ready and after a lavish dinner when they retired to the den, Patrick decided to give the gifts.  Diffidently he gave the coin and fan to the parents.  They were both delighted and disarmed as they realized the thought and care behind this gesture as their intrinsic value for them was meaningless.  Roberto and Carlos were delighted with the autographed soccer balls from David Beckham.  Finally he gave Bella the bracelet and she was charmed by its workmanship and beauty.  Last but not the least, Patrick had even brought a lovely antique cameo for Tita, Bella’s nanny who blushed and curtsied happily.
The wooing of the whole family en masse was a fait complit!!  Patrick was half way there
And his love boat was rock steady!!

to be contd…for concluding part


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