Endless Wait

Optimistically I don a mantle of light, nightly
Hoping the golden glow of the lamp will erase
The darkness of anxiety in my quavering heart

After the noon’s ebb spider veins of worries start weaving
Webs that capture the fledgling sprouts of hope born daily
Breaching the walls of despair overcastting my fearful mind

I tend these hopes lovingly hovering and clucking over them
Like a mother hen nurturing them during the day but as the
Sun slides down the horizon, they also shrivel up and die

This is all an enslaved captive can do, light a lamp of hope every
Evening, wait for loved ones to come find her soon and any sound
Reaching her perked ears alternates like a wave of hope and despair

I eagerly wait with hope in my eyes
 and a lamp in my hands
Until it dies nightly to be born yet again

I wait  ….   wait…wa..i…t….

***  ***   ****

Yeh Kya jagaah hai doston

Ye Kyaa Jagah Hain Dosato, Ye Kaun Saa Dayaar Hain
Had-ye-nigaah Tak Jahaa, Gubaar Hee Gubaar Hai

Ye Kis Makaam Par Hayaat Muz Ko Leke Aa Gaee
Naa Bas Khushee Pe Hain Jahaa, Naa Gam Pe Ikhtaiyaar Hai

Tamaam Umar Kaa Hisaab Maangatee Hain Jindagee
Ye Meraa Dil Kahe To Kyaa, Ye Khud Se Sharmasaar Hai

Bulaa Rahaa Hain Kaun Muz Ko, Chilamanon Ke Us Taraf
Mere Liye Bhee Kyaa Koee, Udaas Bekaraar Hai

(picture kind courtesy Cradhika)

© binagupta., all rights reserved.


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