Emotional Quilt

Salvaged from wrecks
Life’s scarred loom
Settled self doggedly
At it’s wounded tomb

Stiffened lips all aquiver
Grief stricken fingertips braced
Threaded bruised ligaments
On horizontal skeletal frame

Chameleonic pulsations
Heaving highs troughs
Began weaving weft n warp
Of embers amidst charred

Felt glimmerings of seeking
Hands from destiny’s battered
Aching for succor from souls
To whom they still mattered

Base layer was thus woven
An ephemeral quilt of sighs
Repository of squared patches
Stitched with bruised hearts’ spills

Healing hands touched
Saddened hurt filled eyes
Empathetically reached out
To them offering salve of solace

This kind gesture opened griefs’
Floodgates, triggering virtual tsunami
Of sighs, teary cascades detox
Bringing to life emotional quilt in flux


NB: when man made or natural calamities occur- many caregivers come
Forward to comfort and succor- tried to conceptualize these phenomena

**Guernica: Testimony of War
It is modern art’s most powerful antiwar statement…
created by the twentieth century’s most well-known
and least understood artist. But the mural called
Guernica is not at all what Pablo Picasso has in mind
when he agrees to paint the centerpiece for the
Spanish Pavilion of the 1937 World’s Fair.(source-internet)


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