Emotional Braille

Full heart
Devoid of letters
Emotively channels
Lapping waves
In novel ways

Tiny soft palms held
In huge gruff ones
One softening
Other imparting
Strength, warmth

Nature chiseled
Polished stones
Waiting at river beds
Are they mute letters
Waiting to be found, read?

Their telling surfaces
Delivering coded
Messages – feelings
Of wellness, worries;
Of love, separation pangs

Caressing gathered stones
Smoothed by rivers
Timelessly, over time, suddenly
Overcome, I relive final adieus
Prior to last purification by fire

Is death a gateway to new life and
Final wash down of the deceased, in reality
First bath of a newborn child?  Mind thus worry
Beads as hands reverentially squeeze selected stones,
Relics of forged emotional ties’ final passage~


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