Dream Weaver Spiral

I want to weave a dream
With skeins of moonbeams
Tender most threads of early sunrise
Crisscrossed with shimmering silver
Lining of pregnant clouds dark and bloated
Held in place end to end by a luscious moon and a ripe
Orange sun that has dipped halfway into the horizon


This precious and fragile dream shall be
Cradled by rainbows that are colored by the
Choicest emotions of love and hope and desires
And cravings and courage and decisiveness and
Wherein shall meet that one special lover with
His beloved and together they shall weave a
Brand new dream of their own in a new spiral


Dream weaver shall thus be remembered to posterity
Spiraling into eternity driven by unicorns of twinkling
Dreams woven by lovers sworn to one another forever
And ever and the various constellations and stars shall
Bear witness to this covenant arrived at and renewing
With every new spiral of love encircling the heavens
End to end joined by milky ways riding on falling stars

(pictures from internet)


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