A unicorn flying gracefully
Zipping by like a streaking meteor
Countless stars twinkling
Waving hearty good-byes

Astride this lovely equine
Sheer exhilaration zips through me
Like lightening, filling we with joy
I hold a magic wand in my hand

Galloping in this diamond encrusted
Sky passing thick milky clouds
I suddenly see a familiar face
Gracefully passing me by on foot

I try to pin a name to this face
It eludes me like a butterfly
I try to capture it gently time n again
It refuses to come to my mind

I turn my unicorn suddenly and
Give furious chase to catch up
The figure fades in and out
Materializing and vanishing at will

I recall and reject various names
In quick succession all the time
Giving full chase to the quarry
Who is oh so very familiar

In all this commotion of
Chasing and racking my brains
I had forgotten the magic wand
Which I now put to good use
Lo and behold! The figure
So elusive and tantalizing
Was of none other than that
Of my dear departed mom

I rushed to embrace her tight
She still eluded me and flew away
I followed eagerly happy tears
Coursing down my cheeks

I rode fast and furious
Shouting for her to come back
She ignored and crossed the precipice
I followed and fell down with a thud

My dream had shattered
I had fallen from my bed
With a sore bottom and
A core of pain in my heart!
“Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn’t all a dream.”  -Ashleigh Brilliant


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