She was well endowed in form
Her voice a power that did not conform
When she glided on the stage to perform
It was as if a ship had set sail in a storm!
Her rich dress followed by a trail in velvet
Was regal in looks to match her headset
She did not suffer fools such was her bearing
And treated all her crew fairly, with caring.

Her performance at the prestigious event
Was flawless and the awe-inspiring ascent
Of the arias and notes wafting without fail
Washed over all like a stunning musical
At the stage door she courted her fans
With grace, forbearing and great panache
She next left for her home in a flurry
As over there awaited her favorite curry!

Her weakness was such for this exotic dish
That she ate a whole bowl of it with relish
Then she gave a cry of pain and fell in a heap
All her underlings gathered over her in a leap!
Alas, her enemies had struck suddenly
Lacing her food with arsenic successfully
Her private physician tended her frantically
But her golden voice was gone totally!

In time she regained her robust health
And still enjoyed her considerable wealth
But her golden voice was never quite the same
Forcing her to rest on her laurels and fame!
Such was the sad fate of the poor Diva
The fag end of her life a gray dismal saga
The legion of her admirers turning fickle
The magnificent voice now a mere trickle!

“He best can pity who has felt the woe.”
-John Gay


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