A pinch of fire, a bling thing
A diva’s desire to have this ming
This finest of precious stones, a king
To own, embed captured in a fine ring

This bit of sparkle, this twinkling star
Housed in knowledgeable hands by far
Hoarded with greatest care to avoid mar
Examined  evaluated in countless dinar

This journey to greatness was not easy
This diamond was born as a bit of coal only
Natural geo factors crystallized it very slowly
Purifying these carbon particles of coal purely

This diamond in the rough was then found
Next polished and finely cut in first round
Master stonecutters and jewelers enhanced
Its fineness, clarity prior to being showcased

Even though a diamond in the rough is still a diamond
To fetch true value undergoes rigors before its blazoned
Life too has to be enjoyed with every moment lightened
Accepting its ebb n flow, painful spans for achievement  


Before a diamond shows its brilliancy and prismatic colors it has to stand
 a good deal of cutting and smoothing. – Source Unknown

Wit must be foiled by wit: cut a diamond with a diamond.
 -William Congreve English, Poet Quotes


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