Desk to Laptop

Desk to Laptop

Addicted to drama
Boisterous mind
Shamelessly multiplies ~

Compressed Gas Duster
First wind reserved
For exhaling, inhaling
Second wind, pure mischief ~

Wires and cords  
Plugging unplugging
On life’s vagaries, powered
Mind stays impassive ~

Bills, statements  
Dusted invoices provide blow
By blow accounting in black, white
Squanders on fancies, needs ~

Multicolor Gift ribbons  
Prone to submerging self
In “now” emotions, fully relish
Rainbow colors of each moment ~

Post Its  
Airborne thought feathers
Float leisurely in inner skies
Planting starry post it, flags ~

Observing time, empty, life
Grain by grain, abysmally failing
to invoke in breast, fear ~

Capturing images, capturing mind
Crisscrossing countries, city by city
Aware, images have greater life~

Arm wrestles in tidiness
Games of push and pull
Ensue, ongoing ~

Sorting straightening
Handful of clutter kittens
Battles of will ~

*image is from google


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