It is like a returning flu bug
Which oft catches you unawares
Life is no longer appealing
Everything is blasé and dull
Cocooning like the covers of a comforter
You wrap it around yourself firmly
Reveling in the misery it invokes
Imparting a great sense of oneness
You wish to pinpoint the source
But it eludes like a flying moth
Going out of reach when you leap
You retreat again crest-fallen
Suddenly all is meaningless
Life is a big unbearable burden
It is no longer worth living
And you feel sad and maudlin
Little acts of thoughtfulness and caring
Little show of love and affection
Corny jokes and shared moments
All are great gloom and doom busters
But who will impart these to you
You feel utterly alone and forsaken
Your expectations have yet to be met
So how to come out of this trough

You let the sunshine through once again
You have to do things that make you happy
Be selfish and please yourself for a change
And that is a sure fire remedy to beat this bug!

“Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression.”  Dodie Smith           I capture the Castle


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