December Sunrise


December Sunrise

Like a soothing warm quilted gold comforter

Glowing rays of sun extend higher and higher

Countless arms ready to fold and hold to heart

Beckoning shivering masses at dawn’s new start

Like a cheery glowing angel of light bright

Sun unfurls its golden wings on snow white

As icicles like sun catchers shimmer bright

And the winter’s white garment is set alight

Heartened at this dispel of night’s gloom n cold

Life quickens bravely emerging suddenly bold

Hustle n bustle and rustle for foraging to hoard

Making the most of this gift of light’s early goad

Night and day, light and dark join in a fray

One to freely self spread, other to give it way

Such is life also with countless joys n sorrows

One may have its day in sun, other a tomorrow

There is a reason for a changing season

Rite of passage, wait to bide or burgeon

Time to plough, sow, tend and then mow

Spring summer fall winter thus ever flow


(pictures by Jessica Gupta)


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