Day After – scrutinized    ~

Days after arsenic sups
Are always pregnant
Lull hovers
Storms having spent
Their rough and tumble
Tripping, tipping over power watts…

Rolled into a ball of one
Hugged self tight
Having in past risen from
Tighter spots, this should’ve
Been piece of cake
Is it due to being longer
In the tooth or world weariness
That it’s taking longer
In bounce-ability ? *

Lifting head from deliberate
Withdrawals, noticed pile
Of gnawed bones
Worried clean

Bones of a fine day
Made finer by grief’s
Wash of ruby tears
Giving it a gentle patina
-Color of acceptance
Acquiesce ~

Life provides scant choices
You see~

Knowing so, realizing
Lift my head readying
For next bout’s sucker punch
On balls of feet
Hands cudgels free, palms up
In supplication
-it takes more guts to hold back ~

C’est vie – verily ~

**image of hemlock bark sourced from wiki



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