Day after Mega Jackpot

Scurrying as usual
Mentally bolted out of front
Door even as body shuffled
… Grumpily

No, I did not win anything
Given my nature~ told myself
There will be other jackpots
Why then worry~

Our street pavement
However told another story
Littered by dozens of losers’ tickets
~ Despair’s confetti

Woebegone sky’s drizzle
Matched tear for tear
Frustrated hope’s fizzle

A dozen clam shells
Lay facing sky- life shucked
Often life from life plucks

Saturday’s motley crowd
Presented a soggy sight, carrying hot
Java Joes to put back pep- jackpot let out

A dapper forty something hatless gent
In crisp brown creased pant suit matched
With eye catching antique pink shirt

No sissy that ~while the diminutive investment
Broker from local chase bank was carrying
A huge umbrella to offset own littleness

A hopeful pigeon boldly hopped inside
My office – then hopped out realizing slim
Pickings not worth its time- flying off



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