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pandora’s box
has gradually released
sleeper furies hibernating
under rocks…..
sudden feeling
of choking
has taken

vagabond spirt is chomping
harder at the bit being
that Roman gypsy longing
for amiable shores

ever fixated

never veering
My thoughts
Stay firmly

romancing words yet again

romancing words
i lovingly fondle them
as if they were pleasing
surfaces of my favorite
old stone from Ireland
that I fondly pocket carry
giddy joy and love I’ve
spilt once too am
mastering art of containment
as ones I wish to indulge court
are way too young..alas villain
age disallows further tarry…
entering inner sanctuary
I make peace with past laments
laying to rest pet peeves’ torment
squaring off life dealt equations
avowing to be sufficient unto self
for final verse : untethering my soul …


Distant Silhouettes

Journeys made
Some by free will
Few involuntarily

Picture book Prague
Hurled me backwards
Tilted to fairytale magic

At the banks
Of holy river Ganges
Spirit down cast, buoyed

Ashes immersion
God speed farewells
life’s finale

Ancient cities’ souks
Cobblestoned streets
Marching time, stilled

Single universal heart
Strongly beating in tandem
With waves, sands falling

Distant silhouettes stationary
Nature’s frozen music is that
Perfect journey undertaken within

Acceptance for what is, is unquestionably…..

mixed nuts

From a family
of mixed nuts
this face

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