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words, pictures

words and pictures
with emotional
nuances daintily
unlike a kitty
pawing ball
of twine
heavy in form
mind has learnt
art of quietude
akin to a pet dog
eating cookies
lung power is not
what it once was
youngest child
lustily shouting
chasing indifferent
older stand-offish
nieces say
I look like
their mother
smile at me
for no reason
I see dad
In me
and sigh
Missing him so…
as I eagerly search
mom in my features
And I find I am like
her in every which way
in looks
And maybe that’s
the reason
To quietly smile
usually in

guilty pleasures

in blood’s


my hourglass
pales sands
in slow
body leisurely
every which way
peevishly giving
…still tis a hard task
handling overly
active mind’s
feverish spins
both each day
firmly is an adagio

November 16, 2017

Walking down my street noticed droopy flowers and trees delightfully preening putting bounce in my achy steps that were sighing as man and his friend several times over… zipped past yours truly

Boarded bus sweeping 7th ave with twin eyes noticing familiar faces now in various states of progression …pounds heavy lighter as case may be … hair too had receded disavowing ridiculous faces and I took heart at my own sorry self … time’s brush of my hair in generous grey daubs with horrific thinning

tis the thinning of family herd that I take umbrage to…time heavily tolling
…rest is easy to come to terms with

Cooling heels in waiting room test done with flying colors.., waiting for 2nd…

journaling …random mind bits

weatherman drove home time and again that we’ve rain in forecast and he was right as I hear sounds of dawn dripping in drops and drabs amidst slight rustles of autumn leaves still falling intermittently … garden slugs haven’t left any telltale trails and my firm friend Le Squirrel Blanc hasn’t looked in to say hello as yet… guess it’s staying dry somewhere in the backyard perched on a tree….
throwback Thursday it is but I never plan anything…whatever gets tossed in FB land…so it is… my heart and soul dwell on Krishna and this a.m. He decided to stay connected as my cover photo on FB and I happily went along with it.. and as delighted me enjoys this image … mantra chants gradually dissipate the clouds in my being….

two days ago I went grocery shopping and bought a whole slew of fresh veggies.. this part of shopaholic me loves..but now being lazy and domestically disabled I wonder “who is gonna cook them”?

Ganesh is much better than me where taste and texture of food is concerned but having been awake whole of last night watching cricket as India was playing…he is leisurely sauntering in dreamland fast asleep…
have two appointments … hence will get my act together.. grab my rain gear and venture out
still wondering how and when do i tackle my fresh vegetables …any guesses? ..

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