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Life Lesson

When you take things for granted,
the things you are granted,
get taken

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a letter

Dear Neena:

today is your birthday once again and even though physically gone, your spirit stays firmly tied never having left….
Eyes get misty again and again as I now fully value your timely, untimely “whatsapp’ phone calls coupled with unsolicited advice…
we had a plethora of shared history being bound by blood ties and we could always let our guards down and be our true selves
sharing joys, sorrows and pet peeves….
Torn asunder from cozy cocoon of both elder siblings I now feel “armless” and utterly bereft…
Pray tell me:
who should I now call?
who should I share my heart with?
do know you are mightily missed
dearest sis
and today on your birthday
I wish and hope for you
utter bliss
and happiness wherever
your soul
may have replanted
having reincarnated
Happy Birthday Neena…


In search of…

as day
arrives wearing
damp dismal grays
my rebellious spirit
scavenge hunts
bouts of
to panning
holding palms
in sunlight
dancing motes
arrayed in rays
I hungrily






“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

~Roald Dahl

drowning in books
I draw out
life’s ledger

labeled lazybones out of loving
indulgences, have burgeoned
disabled, domestically speaking
have begun missing sane voices
of “ethereal” departed siblings
tripping advices, one too many

feeling deprived of that sheer joy
of summarily dismissing post ingestion
of their imparted wisdom
being of contrary perverse
disposition, have blazed own paths
to iffy glory and/ or ignominy
in summation
what I hold in palm NOW
is wholly, solely self earned

with shiny happy eyes
I greedily fondle unread
books in virginal jackets

over prepared
for predicted severe winter
I declare.. “am ready”…
meanwhile “ODing” on snatches
of favorite hymns, pop music
I pale out time crooning along..

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Bring it On!

with a lemon
came upon self
happily guzzling wine
called bulls blood
without a twitch
prepping for new trip
scares my bones albeit
rejuvenates boisterous
spirit, impish
constantly revolve
with nary a glitch
never a lonely hunter
stays eternally tied to my
gorgeous blue beloved
I often wonder
whether He wishes
to travel and am I merely
His conduit?
Ever since He held
my hand literally in 1999
we’ve traversed together
quite a bit
constantly avowing
about changing priorities
I dither steadily unafraid of fate
rendered turns, twists
bring it on!
**drank two glasses of wine called Bull’s Blood in Vienna, Oct 2012




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