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Ticking heart
sitting pretty
on heart’s window sill
had a good look see

what makes this ticker
tick? what accelerates
what beats

glutton for punishments
blunders incessantly
poor learner it is

this ticker giddily
continues ticking

is it a butterfly with
gossamer wings god
painted individually

if not, why does this
ticker hover and hop
all over, incessantly

steeped in nature’s
breathtaking colors it does
somersault involuntarily

delicate colors on butterfly
wings come off if handled, heart
gets hued emotionally affected

sitting pretty
on heart’s window sill
had a good look see

image is from google



yes you madam fate
you usually play favorites
dealing stacked decks
I’ve had enough
I am gonna sidle up
close to you,
your ears
and then
eat my cake
and have it too!
letting you know
image of Freda Kahlo is from internet



external stimuli’s
dripping eaves insidiously
seeping inside gobbled
away sleep

moon smeared
tousled topper
came a cropper
rudely shaken

mid-sleep interrupted
soured old gal reached
out for time tested
true picker uppers

Earl Grey tea
biscuits and noisy
words blundering about
unaddressed in head

stable heart no longer
EKG’s highs or lows, staying
the course on an even keel
astride own duck’s back
image is from internet

time fizzles


time fizzles
through fingers
as if uber
personal demons
that’d danced as
halloween ghouls
last night
how come they
faded to kingdom
come in morning light
were they damp squibs?
i ask myself
and then eyes
ever lifted slake soul
in nature’s infinite beauty
painting of “Falls” is by Henri Rousseau



dreamer that I am
given to reveries
lose count
in time
relentless tides
wait for for no one
continue sloshing
I hastily grab, retrieve
abridged thoughts piled
under contoured pillow
from last night
upon inspection
I ribbon theses
thought sheaves
letting pile at feet
what appeared
out of ball park great
seemed pipsqueak
in morning light
brings new
day new thoughts
replete night
image is from internet

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