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proof of god’s existence



Saw this sweet movie called Wide Awake by M. Night Shyamalan.
A little boy is quite attached to his grandpa who has terminal cancer. Even though the boy Joshua knew it was inevitable -he is unable to come to terms with his loss. What worries him most is “whether God is taking good care of grandpa” he even wants proof of god’s existence and is on lookout for some sign.
In the end, he does see a little boy in the school hallway who approaches him and says, ” do not worry about your grandpa, he is okay”! The little boy is an apparition and subsequently vanishes.
This touched me immensely as I too was rather attached to my maternal grandpa and worried in just the same way – whether he was finally at peace and happy.
Age has nothing to do with it. Its the strength of love between two generations that dictates hearts.
I was allowed to go to his funeral and as I watched the pyre smoke rise, I kept fervently wishing that grandpa was in a happy place.
Suddenly out of the blue an old lady emerged, shabbily dressed and she shuffled to my side. next she placed her hand on my head and said, “child, do not grieve, he is at peace”. Then she slowly walked towards the line of cars and vanished in thin air!
My family was watching and in those days I was a true “virgo” finicky and that shabbily dressed old lady had taken me aback. Then the penny dropped. I went over her words in my mind and suddenly my grief lightened and I felt happy.
My sisters asked me, “who was that old lady?” I simply did not answer. I was smiling broadly ..which would’ve appeared strange at a funeral.
Varanasi burning ghats and river Ganges- source National Geographic

VaranasiBurning ghat-ganges-01

shape shift

continuously form
shape shift
mind daintily
lifts fallen debris
from synapses
mostly mental
rippling desires
cease thrashing
such is life
rags to riches in a jiffy



we only see
what we are
is truth of mere moments
once you attune
with nature,
you do get
the big picture
waves endlessly beat
against sandy shorelines
eroding craggy dour faces
anguished –
their EKGs a litany
of abuse their mater Gaia
suffers at the hands of mankind
all they can do is assuage
her sears and scars
by constantly plying
what you hear
is a dirge
fast turning
into a requiem
no less
image is from internet

shifting light


shifting ragged light
bullied by time kisses
Manhattan glass windows
bye, bye as sun preps
for shuteye
nobody nudges
me, it’s me, myself
egging self to take charge
lay money in foolhardy mouth
that’d crooned, “it’s gonna be alright”
implicit faith aside
miracles and jackpots
can only occur when we do
our parts and stars are perfectly
eyes follow
fading light
in mine
Getty image is from google

turned tables


there is so much to say
nothing to express
Nowadays words romance me
my arms stay akimbo
where were you I yell at them
you failed when I needed you most
languish now at the back of my mind
my moments of anguish have passed on
Painting is by Van Gogh

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