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daddy’s girl


(image is from internet only)
This monkey mind
Pole vaults forbidden
In punishing gluttony

Pain’s thick skins molt
As jolting volts shake awake
somnambulant spunky spirit

mirrors rub open old scars
drawing fresh ruby red drops
from seeing, unbelieving eyes

when your brother had said
I was your spitting image I’d
vigorously shaken my head

But mirrors don’t lie, I see you
when I see me as waves of pain
wrack mind with body blows

fate was the ultimate villain
I was mentally and physically
Pried away from your world

Memories of your infinite love
Cozily warm these frigid times
And I fiercely hug you, myself

Dad when your brother had said
I was your spitting image I now
agree shaking head vigorously


Another chalked to grim
reaper I continued to cheer
in head upstairs newborn
Today stayed awake
At wake for a change
Rampant curiosity’s
Burial eulogies hymns, psalms
gently cascaded against stained
glass church windows, soaring
Embalmed loved one lay
at rest, essence having flown
held rituals were for left behind
irreverent mind for a change
was well behaved, departed
having led a full fruitful
a mom is a mom no matter how
sick and old, she’ll be sorely
missed by all three generations
no doubt
emotions stayed muted acceptance
with Godspeed was on most tongues
affectionately, I prayed in own
emotions hadn’t, haven’t yet kicked
in, late bloomer am I, have always been
takes time for real feelings to inroad pain
pangs in

jack of nothings

image is from google

Wayward mind is a dart board at war
with sanity’s constant retrievals
From myriad bulls eye landings
Zest for life gives
snooty short shrifts
to criminally aging body
fearless head calls in dares
“head butt” locked horns ever
brazen never backing away
Spirit is no flopped soufflé,
being more of an impudent
cherry astride puddings
Wind talker flags in yon peaks,
eagles exuberantly soaring, all that can pluck
eyes from starry skies draws my Romani spirit
Inner flame is a prowling tiger battering
against these crumbling ribs, a firecracker
longing to sunburst starry skies, meteoric
Virgo homing pigeon am I, loyal
to the nth degree burning to return
from whence dispatched,  originally
this “nothing” was crafted to encase something- my
soul that once freed will be a returning native and
my body a pile of dust motes shall resettle to nothing
After all
my wayward mind
Is a mere dart board of nothings

harm’s charm

you warn,
don’t play with fire,
what you don’t get is
that which can harm
is its very charm
never known
to back away
from dare’s stares
I move forward avec moi
devil may care stance
no Kevlar
no bulletproof
no bravado
no attitude
just unafraid

os and browsers


may be at rest



continue to spin


of furious







for release …..



took off

as so many

freed swarms ……..


in ……..air


an errant…

breeze eeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,…….



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