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Dante’s Inferno and Florence


Dan Brown’s Inferno and Florence Italy – on visits and associations

Of late I’d been thinking I suffer from ADD but when I just finished Inferno by Dan Brown in a day and half – I felt I am finally getting back to my old form.

Hugely enjoyed Inferno especially as I’ve just visited all those places in Florence mentioned in the book and it came vividly alive for me –it was as if I had a firsthand experience. There is simply nothing to top that “cat licked cream” kind of delicious feeling than when you visit a city and experience it blow by blow in tandem with a book that features around the very same city. After Da Vinci code, I had visited Paris with greater excitement and had viewed the glass pyramid in Louvre with newer “enlightened” eyes along with Parisien churches.

I have always been a great aficionado of cloak and dagger whodunits and murder mysteries and Dan Brown’s books with all those ancient symbols and Cyrillic scripts with heady scrambles outsmarting the pursuers made for the best well spent buck for my money. The rustle of turning pages in the dead of night ignoring wind whispers emanating from our backyard, leafy wrestles, rustles and falls, suddenly creaking stairs for no rhyme or reason maybe remembering otherworldly footfalls, everything added an extra “uff” element to this read and am happy to share this here and now.

Just like my dearest young friend Suja said, December is a month of hibernation and reading and that’s what I am going to do.

Seriously avow
I have stacks and
racks of books
to termite
thru’ n thru
with silvery schmear
from my fingers
grinning from
ear to ear
Mentally I’ve retired from work even though my boss won’t hear of it nor agree to it. He has accepted me on my terms and it feels good to be this wanted hence I am not complaining.

Yesterday marked our fifteenth year of togetherness – Ganesh and mine and two calls early morning gave me a bit of good news as well; Even though I am still fuming from being soundly drubbed by Ganesh in a game of scrabble, today is another day and another chance to avenge my defeat.
Portrait_de_DanteFlorence_italy_duomoBGIPadNov2014 2927 BGIPadNov2014 2894



in cruel dribs
while heeding
feet madly tap
away involuntarily

wild heart beats
as free bird caged
afire pulses
begin to jab
and sing
hands continue
fanning fires
of passion


Painting is from internet 



stars are

renting galaxy’s

in cosmic

dear departed
that couldn’t say
final goodbye

on inky sky
ever glistening

unforgivingly glowing
in nightly confrontations

neglected hurts
lighting inner skies
seeking unmet appease
painting is a Van Gogh

A tree takes root -reworked


“Dear God,” she prayed, “let me be something every minute of every hour of my life. Let me be gay; let me be sad. Let me be cold; let me be warm. Let me be hungry. .have too much to eat. Let me be ragged or well dressed. Let me be sincere – …be deceitful. Let me be truthful; let me be a liar. Let me be honorable and
let me sin. Only let me be something every blessed minute. And when I sleep,
let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost.
” Bbetty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn~

A Tree Takes Root –

Clan Uprooted
By force majeure
From ancestral land
Of the mighty Indus
River of five offshoots
Travelled west
To seed
Shoot ~

Life’s twists turns
Led to another uproot
Family’s second journey
In quest of bread, caravans
Made southern tracks
Wherever destiny stood~

Five stalwart sons
Had left home turf’s
Banyan shade, valiantly
Panning out like
giant palm
Of the mighty Indus
From whose loins they’d
sprung, driven from native
land of milk and honey, in search
of same in all four corners
Taking lead from whatever fate

Sapling tremulous
Offshoot of the eldest
was I~ planted, fate
Supplanted, uprooted
Put down, fate’s heel
Firmly grinding back
In ground, depressing
But obdurate to a fault
My rebellious spirit
Though cornered
Never caved in, fought
Back, continents crossed
And stubbornly planted
Itself in welcoming soil
Of Brooklyn and this
is the how, my now~
I sing in all seasons
Season to season
Sans rhyme, with reason

Last night in my dream
The five stalwart sons
Paid a visit, eyes streaming
Love and caring concern
And then the dream, as a centipede
On the move, folded unfolded~

I found myself feet firmly planted
In the craggy top of lower Himalayas
Outside the Goddess’s holy shrine
Bridging land of the Indus
with land of upbringing
then utter peace
Set in~

life’s full spectrum journey,
Khyber Pass
Cross border trade
saffron, spices
Doting parents Grandparents
left behind~

I rest
At the penultimate stop
In Big Apple’s Brooklyn
Till this friendly land’s
Earth, air, wind, fire, water
Embrace my ashes or
whatever is ordained and
I fall into ultimate sleep
In arms of my beloved



First Image of Varanasi is by Jamie Robinson via Kolory Indii
where flows holy river Ganges
its ancient walls, ever beckoning
come get your ablution
slough away sins
sobering reality checks
as you behold
final resting place
of body wrecks
where Shiva strides
alongside Kali
in this soil
rests culmination
of a lifetime
for a final

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