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witching hour

Witching hour
Neither dead of night
Nor glimmer from daylight
Luster from stars
Are huddled clusters
Sleep takes an AWOL
Minutes tick tock
At excruciatingly
Trying pace
Laconically attempt
To rustle up a potluck
of bon mots
From remains
Of yesterday
They too
To be MIA
AWOL =absent without official leave
MIA= missing in action
 image is from internet – disclaimer


on memories and scars

death leaves a wound nothing can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal~ from movie Generation Gap
don’t you see
we are two misfits
that perfectly fit
shifting sands
that stay put nightly
in morning dig deep
we are thus tied
at the hip, know
I’ll never abandon ship
be aware I am your
scar that’ll never heal
memory of love
that no one can steal
don’t you see
we are two misfits
with perfect fit
painting is from internet


ordinary moments

BGIPad 059

you mind me
like loved ones
long departed

remind me
when mind
turns foggy

love is this
daily share

no heights
neither lows
no big shakes

we measure up
when required
then ease off

love is just like
that-just ordinary


shadow play

Acadiatrip aug 12-15,2012 413
burning candle at both ends
I bask in its light, while
shadows bide time
Light peters out
sleep blankets all
uniformly in its “wake”


qualms of anxiety
have subsided
apathetic weariness
has set in – I welcome
even this as it will help
make the final cut
with finality
total freedom
is so close
can almost
taste it!

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