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rainy wednesday 4.30.14


Brush stroked pointillism
Nature’s gorgeous handiwork
yielded much needed pep
to my droopy lone self~

Palming nature served verve
In dimpled fist’s curve
Straightened spine,
Inhaling deeply~

Decided to hop two
In the bracing rain
With my nouveau
Turquoise parapluie~

Wearing glitzy smile on lips
Iridescence in eyes
Spring in stilted steps
Sway in hips’ sashaying

Victorian Cloak and Dagger Romance


Were cindered
By desire

Moral sleuthing police
Fanning out in full force,
Flounced out empty-handed, chagrined
Holding mere foggy microscopes
Pince-nez, monocles

Gardens of love
Flourish in anonymity as lovers
Hastily sowed shredded love epistles
Before turning back from illicit to ordinary

Sown shredded love miraculously seeded
Gracious soil ceding, magically rooted, sprouting
Fragrant roses nurtured by colluding elements in cahoots
With other runaway lovers and prude society’s pariahs
Under a fierce god fatherly sun

Love’s vine
Cleaved blossoming
Entwined to generous
Host trees


Painting is by William Powell Frith~




Entering hallowed thresholds

Aromas escaping incense burners

And oil lamps buoy inner spirit


Phalanxes of small lit flames

In votives send forth a fervent

Pillar of light, pleas, prayers replete


Sight of soaring “godly” ceilings

Lofty depicted stained glass windows

With warm glowing freshly polished


Ebony and mahogany pews beckon

Invitingly to lay down life’s burdens

Rest and salve bruised bodies soul


Ever a seeker with full awareness of Beloved’s

Lit flame already ensconced within, still my feet

Involuntarily love to enter His houses of worship


Without any mental hang ups whatsoever soul

Heeds calls from synagogues, pealing bells from

Temples, churches, stupas and azaans from mosques


Stone mortar structures do erode over time

Human spirit is what makes them hallowed

Filling air with healing succoring vibrations


Released by each told prayer bead, chanted mantras

Psalms, lamps forming glowing pathways connecting

Ordinary believer’s being to extraordinary divine spirit


Pleasurable goose bumps run up and down spine

A feeling of coming home curls inside calming and

Then inner outer flames unify for nano euphoric seconds


Such is that otherworldly feeling

Celebration and rejuvenation of this

Human spirit, time after time, every time~

**A votive deposit or offering is one or more objects displayed or deposited,  without intention of recovery or use, in a sacred place forbroadly religious purposes. Such items are a feature of modern and ancient societies and are generally made in order to gain favor with supernatural forces. Some offerings have apparently been made in anticipation of achievement of a particular wish, but in Western cultures from which documentary evidence survives it has been more typical to wait until the wish has been fulfilled before making offering, for which the more specific term ex-voto may be used. Votive offerings have been described in historical Roman era and Greek sources, although similar acts continue into present day, traditional Catholic culture and, in modern-day practice of tossing coins into a wishing wellor fountain- In India  many wishing trees abound with holy threads/ribbons first tied  and then untied after wish fulfillment in gratitude.


Endless Love


This face of mine   Suddenly conjured   “Daddy” who’s never   Far from my thoughts    In my longings of both                                                  Parents, long departed

Love and memories Are timeless and if bonds  Be true- they’ll neither fade  Nor dim, in fact they return  With greater muscle eluding  All my feeble muzzles

Few years ago dad’s younger  Brother did aver that I looked  Like him but I gave an emphatic  Head shake saying I took after  Eldest sibling and that’s why I avoided telltale mirrors

Some emotions between sibs  Blow hot and cold, mine was  Both love and hate seesawing~  My vagabond spirit, a born rebel  Intensely disliked preemptory  Commands, capital punishments

Love did abound but was marred  By feelings of being misunderstood  Always found lacking, guilty or not  Love can be conniving and exploitive  Found this out the hard way but firmly   Stopped own heart’s arterial hardening

Pure love, pride in one’s progeny, non-Judgmental in the extreme, peppered  By dangles of mouthwatering goodies  To enable sickly me to swallow medicines  Supplements, palliatives with mandatory  Physical and mental calisthenics, thus

Daddy gently and lovingly nurtured me  Mentally and physically while mom  Filled my head with magical stories  From regional folklore, spiritual tales  Read daily from holy epics, all the while  Feeding wandering monks, needy at door ~

And then she fell ill  And eldest sibling- herself  Very young in years, took over  Reins of the house transforming  Into a harsh martinet overnight  And began (sadly) taming me ~ ~                               beginning of my end? not likely!

rabbit mind


rabbit mind playfully
Nudges single word
multiplying in no time~

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