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Cloudy Eyes


~Eyes – supposed windows    to an impeccable soul

a soul that    stays    unmoved, uncaring

spirit knocked out

by fate’s pairings     knife paring  unsparingly?

caught unprepared         disarmed

unwary     know not-

she is the eternal    girl child

who never knows


she’ll ultimately

take root post


painting: Child Bride by Amrita Shergill

Time – the ultimate warrior

Turkey Trip Oct6-22nd 2010 746a

Sumptuous palaces

Too crumble over time

Nullifying complacencies




O oarsman:   Pray, take me away

Where breath gets robbed by glinting  Teary eyed snow capped mountains   Under the onslaught of warming kisses  By egg yolk suns

Paddle away where rivers  Incoherently babble in fish schools  with frogs joining in song fests  To croak away grief

Meander for mulling in streams  Full of rampant spawning salmon  Iridescence agleam in limpid waters  Washing soul’s grime spanking clean

Canoe gently in rain forests  Where leaves sway in harmony, sunlight  Dappling chiaroscuro webs and entranced  Trees stay absorbed in vertical races, majestic

O oarsman:  Allow me to thus rediscover inner child  Who launched paper boats in rain puddles   In ebbulience sang folk songs slightly out of tune    Body and soul armored in love strong~

Take me away,   O Oarsman,  I beseech you   Take me away~

*painting is by Henri Rousseau*


The Couple – odd? maybe not


The Couple-  odd? maybe not

Daily   Self empowered   They indulged in contests

Amiable togetherness – tad competitive   Gaining few inches this way, that  Thus recouping withered zest for life ~

Nightly     In truce they toasted each another        Prior to lying in same box ~

*painting of couple is by Georges Braque

How come


How come those you love     come up short     in long sightedness

How come birds taken for granted    become worthy   after they’ve flown

How come relationships    are so darn difficult    you remain in hot water

Foresight is priceless   crystal balls are in short supply    I’ve learnt to heed heart only



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