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Bryn Cader Faner stone circle

Tripping mind

Broke words’ circuitry


Couplings linking

Word wagons


Sentenced thoughts

Thus encased

Halt free flowing~

Free flowing

Musings etch footprints

In sand, water, wind~

Wind gusts

Nature propelled

Moodily drop whiffs~

Whiffed inklings

Get lifted by thoughtful minds’

Antennae, daintily~

Dainty mind tad finicky

Thus mulling no longer

Trips circuitry~

Worry beading rosaries endlessly….

*image if Bryn Caner Fader -Megalithic UK is from internet


a river must flow


A river must flow        Take time to mourn…. time to heal

Emotions will can well inwards outwards    Stream…muffled sobs can do riot scream

Then River out     Being seldom feeble …bellicose

Tied to love flowing streams funneling    Pain pangs wracking fears jealousy fangs

Effervescent highs separation lows, feeling bereft     Keening losses of security blanket ties of home

Loss of soul mate being most devastating of all…   Can bring to knees the mighty, sweet Romeo, warring clans

Civilizations spring wildfire at rivers’ banks whose waters   Serenely flow circumventing each every impediment~

A river must flow….cascade… fall….wave… floe, lava       A river must flow….. continue to flow…. life is like that ….

*Image is from internet


Some day


Dozen freshly pruned…
Red, red roses assuaged my
Spreading newly wed despair~

Goblin dreamer persona had
Been superimposed and quashed
By intractable dominance

Fending off breakdowns
I fashioned a world inside
To survive and tended to lull

Each and every “today” that
Perhaps, maybe it was finally
That much awaited “someday”

When again those red
Red roses would regain that once
Held fragrant flush of fresh youth

I was foolhardily waiting for Godot and
Then later emphatically not as after eons
My much awaited “someday” became today~

*image is from internet

Salt Pepper Jest


Salt Pepper Jest 

Peppering life with humor         I tend to view it dimensionally

Constant pleasing fascination       Of julienne (d) light – shadow playing

Summering tree colander (ed) light       In chiaroscuro dapple displaying

Bare lampshade (d) haloed walls      Teary eyed for heady anointing

Outside banshee snow squalling    Strident cabin fevers parboiling

Paying out levity fabric soon thinning   Gaping holes threaten patterning

Searching high and low for lowing Zen and  I Ching that may’ve taken to “powdering”

Peppering life with humor    I tend to view it dimensionally~


Moody Blues

cannot afford “Blue”
as life hovers fraught today
anxiety is turning me wrought…
can give blue no leeways
Pacman worry’s twilight sky
is hastily gobbling sunshine away
my cheery palette has depleted
its colors array~ fog, snow, grey
threaten to hold sway
I will replenish colors
happen what may
as am made that way
“blues” will miss me
once again today~

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