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I miss your absence


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I miss your absence

seek fugue from memories
you so nonchalantly etched
sharp mind, sharper tongue
your goring quills~
skin grafting is one option
as I unsuccessfully obliterate
you with laughter’s wash
and hollow bonhomie~

stay put where you now rest
let your ashes sprout forget-me-nots
for others as we’d made a pact
you forget me, I you~

let’s be noiseless
ships passing
in the night~

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Extracting dug feet
Made trip to home soil
Feet, fleet~

My reservations
And ambivalence
Were rendered fresh blood~

Some things change
Mostly remain same
Not everyone likes makeovers

Gentled by time and tide
Was more amenable, mellowed by age
Self preservation claws quietly retracted~

Finicky Virgo persona however, sifted
Gems from the home sod, fashioned cameos
Addition to cherished memories’ cached lot~

Came away
With mixed feelings at best,
Ne’er a smidgeon of  regret~
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Work in progress – connections



You arrived
Sight for sore eyes
Left with your usual
Hyper energy
Leaving chaos
In wake~

In lieu of being
Annoyed, I welcomed this
Opportunity to bend and squirm
This way, that, retrieving precious
Stuff lying awkwardly
Belly up, out of reach~

Weeping dust bunnies
Thus also got waylaid
Marched to the bottomless
Pit where they belong, no longer
Playing hide and seek with our
Frequent flyer, dust buster queen~

Honing and tweaking
My mind has been a wonderful
Exercise, exorcising negativity
Conjuring miraculous positivity,
Happen what may, still there are
Some wrinkles that have gone astray~

I am a work in progress, if I may…
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How this came about..


How this came about
I know not
But feel
Inside out

You first filled
It with crushing
Sadness, then
Topped it
With grief

I came
To your ancient
Doorsteps, with no
Questions on my
Trusting lips

I came
With sole you
In my soul
As soul

My beloved
Butter thief
Stole my grief
Filled gaping hole
With acceptance’s
Succoring peace

Of all emotions
Merely remembering
You, your name with every
Inhalation, exhalation
I long to keep my tryst
With you for eternity

Engagingly engage
My bereft maternal
Heart longs to, thee

I seek you


I seek you
treading in single file
discarding life’s files
singly, collectively
attempting to regain
my pristine self
you dispatched me with
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