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Autumnal Leaf

Walking  On the trails  Of a deep chasm,  Nature made Was often halted  By hushed, “catch-in-throat” moments

Nature  In autumnal shades    Seemed to have come to terms With imminent loss of life and  Graciously shed joyous greens

For meditative myriad shades  Of orange, yellows, ochre, precariously Held by a network of deep umber  Brittle, brown, stark boughs


Visually  Drinking in this “mass” Nirvana by mighty nature And a tiny leaf was wonderful    Lesson,        a case in point~

After birth~ Live, thrive, generously give Share, bounty bestowed by life  And when its time for transition

Quietly prepare to meditate  And     gently     go    into    the   night  Walking on carpets of fallen   “Monk” colored leaves underfoot

A deep blue sky overhead canopied  By crisscrossing yellow embroidered

Leaves, loosely hanging on emaciated   Brown veins, arteries Felt like   Suspension          between life and death

And the beauty of “petit mort”   As death is but a continuuma transitional interim    For leaves will return

With        renewed vigor      Come spring~

Ebb flow

ebb flow
in veins
chiaroscuro ~


painting is by Georgia O’Keefe

Icons II


Etched     sketched     statuesque Serenely   You appear     in “touch- me-not” views

These meetings  Simply don’t cut it   Any more    Come visit   In daytime    Nighttime 

Eyes    Wide shut      Open    Enter  Heart   footprint  

Your sight   permeates light,  become my floodlight   Allow me   To woo you  As moth to flame 

Let’s be both  Flame And moth  Fusion ~  My heart  Shatters at this   Infernal separation 

What more reparations  Do you want from me?   Come guide, I’ll abide~

this two foot chasm  of separation is sole cause of my crushing Heartbreak,  melancholia 

Take me into your arms  Allow me to lose myself,  purify ~ 

Come    Get   Me    longingly   I beseech you  ~


She Left, she Stayed II


Bereft, dry eyed I tried to piece My head together Recalling all that your  Gentle eyes, heart’d said~

Your departing words  Were prophetic but being  Your mirror image, I had To go through all the painful Phases to finally arrive at ~

You left, you stayed  My feet slow to full stops  When I see a Madonna’s gentle Visage, so replete with sorrow,  Love and understanding thereof~

Such salving succor soothes  And warms my bewildered Blunderings that I forget  The nicks and cuts rendered By razor tongues, destiny~

Roving countries  Various continents  Had warming encounters  With reaching out, beckoning  Eyes, gently chiding, forgiving~

I feel I’ve arrived  No longer abandoned  Light and warmth that the Church Madonna renders feels Same as the shawl you left behind~

You went, you stayed I was orphaned Not really You still Embrace~

(Feels rather sacred, this meeting~ I have great affinity to all the Madonna(s) I encounter in    various churches during our travels)

Tea and Biscuit


After more than forty winks
I want a warm drink,
Food for thought
Again in bed, sink~

Ancient, carried forward
Oddball memories, form link
Chains that snake dance
As if charmed~

Faint chimes of bells
Toll hushed secrets buried
under time’s burka wraps
of dastardly intrigues~

images of alien souks and people
swim before my eyes in “déjà vu”
moments of parallel life whose
ripples subside as I reach out~

mind is a cornucopia
of many lifetimes’ worth
of living and dying and
unfinished books~

thoughtfully I dip a sweet biscuit
in my piping hot tea, dunk as a child,
bite and ruminate, shake my head
leisurely sip and think~

when I crack my case
you’ll be the first one to be privy
to its decoding, many past
“lives lived”~

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