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Poetry in Motion


Poetry with it’s disarming
Tell all tales, toddles
Footprints all over my heart~

Painting is by Edgar Degas


Turkey Trip Oct6-22nd 2010 135

thought nuances flow
In cisterns of my mind
Ebbing ripping uninterrupted~



Corridors lazily snake
Eliciting wonder
Exciting curiosity~



Sleepless eyes
Sought drenching quench
Of your encompassing presence

Salving of bruised
Spirit, thrashing anguished
In pains of separation

Senses finely tuned
I waited for those familiar tidal waves fluidly
Swaddling in myriad hued cloud cumulus

Heady otherworldly music
Heralding your arrival and senses
Turning wildly insensate

My eyes
Heavy with sleep
And endless wait

Went in hibernation
Now, I am a mass of mixed emotions
Unsure about your arrival and departure

Put me out of my misery
Come talk baby talk to me
My bereft arms still wait for thee~

Usual, unusual

Best teacher lives within

Life is usual
And then unusual
You impinge

Having always been
In the back of my mind
And forefront, that’s how
You confine, free, me~

I emote by rote
This business of living
Playing whatever you deal, but
You’ll always fail to wean me from thee~

Today is the day
You were born, you
Who are all pervading unborn
I salute thee my lord~
*painting is by Picasso

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