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Tentative feelers
Newborn foals
On shaky legs

Dreamy yolks
Riot, crack heart
Sprouting wildly

Floating one dream’s raft
In unknown waters
I will for it a shore

I set another dream
Astride morning breeze
Flirting with my hair

Rubbing sleep filled eyes
I see my dreams wobble
On petals, faits accomplis ~

*Image is from internet



Tickle the child
In me
As tiny hands reach out
To touch the soap bubbles
Let loose
By puckered lips
In the air,
Hued spheres,
World, within worlds~
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Pray, prey

First lifts
other reduces
Has me cower
Shielding face body~
Son, sun
Son- fruit of loins to further clan
Hope’s kindle~
Sun – world’s kindle, vanquishing
Darkness with splash of light~
There, their

Have been there
Wherever you are
Physically, emotionally ~

Some folks make
Much ado about
Their nothings~
Lose, loose

Whatever makes
Me lose, diminish
In fact enhances~

Not given to loose talk I like laughing
Irreverently at times, so tighten your loose belt
Get ready for the ride of your life~ whoa!
Won, one

I thought I’d won in scrabble,
But his last move deflated
My pomposity~

Ever striving to be
One with my inner, outer
Spirit undulates in highs, lows~
Desert, Dessert

Emotions desert
When needed the most
Shock leaves me deaf, mute ~

Horrific sweet tooth makes mouth drool
Even by mere thought of dessert and
Anticipatory hands rub each other gleefully ~

Monkey Mind


monkey mind
travels even before
physical body~
*image is from internet



Retreating backs
Tear up eyes
Heart aches

Cradling phone
Knitting tone to tone
Pain needles
Blood’s flow

What’s with this motherly
Heart of mine, years ago cut
Umbilical phantoms

Stiff upper lip slackens
Is this a sign of imminent
Meltdown of carefully
Cultivated front?

Am getting tired
Of being brave
Wearing pseudo

Painting is by Jamini Roy

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