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Pruning fat off
I ballet skim

Surfaces, dolphin
Diving into current

Sobering to what is
From what was, journeyed
From points A to B

Being in the moment
Fully committed, present
Life grittily julienned

Peals of laughter
Wave laps down
Dusty zebra corridors

Synapses fire
Interstice chasms
Yield shielded

There is something
Surely in dicing redundant
Chopping superfluous

With lightened
Spirit, groaning body
I gladly “hare” forward

Pairing, dovetailing, aligning
Distillates of pared realities
Unburdened heart finally sings~


Blank mind
Stares at blank word doc
Zombie mode it is this time

Feeling lost, bereft
Am loath to see him travel
Even though I know

I have to go
Make it alone

How to muster
Courage, make this
Wayward heart comprehend

Side by side
Heeding own pipers
We meet, collide, whine, dine

Is my quandary
Never you mind~



1. A Face

Her face, middling pink
A study in immaculate alabaster
Timeless ~
(Madhubala- Indian actress of yesteryears- still recall that face)

2.Heady experiences-golden moments

Life’s hurly burly
Ancient steps to river Ganges
A dip and teleportation unworldly~



From self to self
Fireworks illuminations
(Too sacred to express)

4.The Taj Mahal

A marble tear
On time’s cheek
Full moon, love’s magic~

5.Natural Wonders and..

Niagara, Bryce, Garden of Gods
Cappadocia, Lake Tahoe, Montserrat and
Mathura, Vrindavan where my beloved resides~


If I were..

If I had to wear something what would it be ?

I would wear
wall to wall smile
accompanied by twinkling eyes
beaming head to toe
invoking return smiles
chortling daylong

Purse, pucker

(my journey to self continues)

Life often forces
Pursing, pucker

Quick inhalations
Rapid exhalations
Huddled cogitations

Buying small change
In time, enough to change
Course, veer outcomes

Having glided into mainstream
Universal consciousness blithely
Acceptance makes rest redundant~

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