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Veered truant mind
Right left sideways
It slipped back
To starting point~

Why is it so easy
To dish out advice
And so hard to self
Emulate ~

Equanimity slithered
Cut loose time and again
As I wrung curling, joining
Palms in vain~

Overdosed on favorite
Genre murder mystery
Movies alternated
By soothing music~

Ploys are after all
Ploys, nothing really
works when heart
is tad apprehensive~

Now implicit faith will be
Tested even though am
Fully aware that outcomes
Are always predestined~




Beyond reason rhyme
Ancient memories tugged
Childishly unwound

Gravitating towards beaten
Yet oft traversed ancient routes
Navigated holy rivers, valleys

Soul soared towards snow cone
Peaks as crooning spirit rejoiced
Alongside colorful and deep ochre

Flirtatious streamers, red flags
Topping time and human hand hewn
Temples and monasteries lovingly carved

Seated lotus posed on magic carpet
Of awakened kundalini, über hushed, visited
Meditating monks in sacred grottoes, caves

Riptides like lit fireworks revved sluggish
Veins and arteries as body conduited
Incandescence between heaven and earth
*image is from internet

**Kundalini : “the coiled power,” a force
which ordinarily rests at the base of the spine
* über: super /absolutely and  conduited: channeled

Losses and Gains

simply astride own train of thought traversing each car wholly, singly~ bg 3.30.2013

Losses and gains

Soft chants moisten soul
Morning mist ironing
Yesterday’s kinks~

Freshly brew tea drained
Swirling twirling thoughts
Divine tea leaves’ remains ~

Chiaroscuro mind
Constantly sieves
Pronounced joys, grief~

Prayer and worry beads
Shine, dulled from overuse
Unshed tears, remonstrate~

Body has become a battlefield
Mass of new old aches
Which to pamper, sedate~


Justifying acts of commission
Realization sank in that some things
Are simply beyond comprehension~

A river flows finding needy crevices ~
A seed carries an orchard potential, we build
Destroy, learning life lessons at own hand~

Ruins are fodder
For an imaginative mind
To rekindle inner truant child~

Relentless life’s tumbrel marches
We rewind wading thru shored
Bricks and mortar of experienced life~

Tarting up life these days
I view with rosy lenses
Bypassing blood and gore~

Piebald destiny will dapple
Waxing waning grief, joy
Going with the flow, only way to cut it ~


Night’s rodent teeth
Cut dream’s woof warp
Loomed overnight~

Frantically thrashing
Tossing turning had wished
Away outcome’s tide~

Leaving viewers agape
Hanging on anxiety’s ledge
Serial on television had ended~

Having scant control over real
Life’s prayed for ends, I vainly sought
To fashion own desired end~

Helplessly realized, even perfidious
Night with its serrated incisors
Had an eely mind~

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