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You reside

You reside in my being
As light incandescent
Filling mind body spirit
With infinite bliss~

Outer distractions
That steer me away
From your thoughts
I unhappily resent them~

Twenty-four seven
I want to marinate
In your love’s devotion
A marine in your ocean~

Come and talk to me
As heart aches for thee
Eyes search for a glimpse
Of your playful antics~

As they mentally journey
To and fro down length
And breadth of your trodden
Holy playgrounds~

You reside in my being
As light incandescent
Filling mind body spirit
With infinite bliss~

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Heart Sings

Heart sings
Once again
Life awry
Righted itself~

On the verge
Of giving up
… On murky work-life
It suddenly brightened~

As long as
Limbs are willing
Mind percolating
Best to die in saddle~

Cruises will come and go
Can again book a trip
Leisurely now that mind
And body are in perfect sync~

Patience tattered to bits
Is now being stitched
To whole again, life being
Patchy, will always be touch and go~

Finally with an unforced smile
Piano(ing) lips I shall get to work on time
On opposite side church bells that chime
Shall sound sweeter to present frame of mind ~

Heart robustly sings
Once again
Life awry has finally
Righted itself~

Torn Apart

Torn from maternal
Love’s bleeding eyes
Pain wracked body
The child origami (end)
… Self fetal(ly)

Daddy beside
Himself with grief
Upped and brought
A new mommy
For wailing darling

New mommy had own
Plans and step baby
Did not figure in any
Of them, she quickly
Unmasked own true form

Daddy had to answer
Call for duty and left
To fight for country
Nasty step mom sold
Stepchild for a song

Dry eyed and stoic
The child sobbed,
Inside praying hard
To own mom now angel
And mommy’s god

Life being stranger
Than fiction, miracles can
And do happen, she firmly
Believed her daddy would find
And come fetch her one day

Six months later
Daddy came home and
Was shocked to the core
Summarily threw new
Mommy out of door~

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Never Enough

Popcorn over
Movie over
Getting act
Together, insatiate
Wanting more
A good thing
… Can never be
Enough, enough
said, admitted~

My Street

I drank
… the barren beauty
of winter’s unraveling
with mine
wonder struck
eyes ~



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