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Speaking Eyes

Speaking eyes
Soul search, guide

Your Flute

Sounds from your flute lap over
Lifeless reed that is my heart
Making it come aliveSluggish listless spirit
Jumps on refreshed feet, swaying
… Rhythmically to your divine beatsLet thought, intent, act
Begin and end with you
In forefront, back of mind

Nudge me, lead me, chide
Always be my soul guide
I see only you every side

*picture is from google images


Oh this itch
is such a glitch
… fully out of reach

Its given me a stitch
turning this way that
its still elusive

fondly recalling
soothing hands
at home, asleep

sighing craving
for soothing scratch
to calm this itch~
*image is from google


Endlessly undulating
Suffocating tunnel, promised
Land yet to arrive

Perched on wing tips, fragile
Prayer hovering on lips, cracked
Shaky smiles, flag flying

Hunger is never assuaged
Alone by spoken words light
Action has to be taken

Sunscreen smeared, seated
On porch steps, mood shifting
Hope to despair, despair to hope

Waiting for warming light
In these long wintry days, nights

*painting is by Picasso


I live in the universe
… Universe lives in me
You are my universe
We are one in me

Tendrils of emotions
Pink wash inner skies
Nonchalant stances
Now fizzle in splash

Have tightened belt
Called in resources
Must tether monkey mind
Straighten tilted sky

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