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Rail Tracks

As I move away
mind stays with
what was left
heart zigzags

Rail Tracks .

Notching up
miles of tracks
trekked interminably
I begin to lamely
blame my destiny

tearing me
constantly asunder
from the fragrant arms
of  beloved~

Autumn Leaves

Tenuous perch on mother tree finally snapped –

we, her eyes’ apple had to finally break free –

bite the dust – crumbling learning painful lesson in humility-

now we disintegrate to integrate when life cycle completes –

detached- attached – detached ultimately –

c’est vie verily

image is by Jess Gupta

Stormy Weather and Halloween

anguished poems
languish in tandem
with life halted
in shelters, hangars
ready to resume, fly free~

Drenching myself in pure
Streams of morning mantra
Chants – I allow myself to let go
Long held vigilant stance ~

Expressing emotions
Writhing in belly
Never comes easy
Better to leave be
As is , uneasily~

-Impromptu words
Form, surface
As day’s events
churned ink blots
In stupefied face-

wide eyed, awake
at this ungodly hour
sinfully dark treats
afford pleasure
in full measure ~

Not cowering under cheerful quilt during these gloomy times
Uncomfortably aware of meltdowns and overflowing cisterns
I visualize the sorry states of soggy ghouls and jack-o-lanterns

Witches brew concocted in monstrous seas and skies
Temper tantrums of wrathful winds with terrible mood swings
Screech in banshee whistles as they zoom in fly by~

Stuck out my tongue

no the cat did not get my tongue
I stuck it out
at monster storm Sandy
and he bore it away !
waiting for it …

to boomerang
into own
to recuperate
stay, say, yay !

painting is by Van Gogh


starting from zero
I pin no ones

before it
to be a hero

I’ll leave
as I arrived

a zero~


Putty silliness
In molding hands
Of urges, I sink
And peak in surges~

You reside in my heart,
Ensconced by mutual consent,
Sublimely oblivious to my earth
Shattering, looping lament ~

Abiding love unquestioning must garner
From you, some purchase, you live rent free
In my heart, while two adoring, pudgy hands
Bought you in ancient times and space~

Two entities like picture within a picture
I, the peripheral, YOU, heart of the matter
I ache and agonize to merge in your cosmos
Dissolving duality, in magnetic oneness, that is you~

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