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Breath of Life

Breath of life


Conceived at nature’s whim

Immaculate in rendition

A miracle happening

In the moment


In observation


Ethereal lush flesh

In petal (ed) perfection

~ A touch of swell

Promising wanton allure

Exquisitely sculpted

By nature


Five Reflective Tercets



Of interred life

In headstones




Events in time, aligned

Hanging in closet of mind



Squared symmetry

Play by play

King, pawn in fray



Poem(ing) impressions

Life impressed




Tender heart

Is tinder untended

Pained asymmetrically






Opened life’s palm

To minutely observe

Its meandering lifeline


Patient sportsman

Seated at water’s edge

Dangling fishing line


Live hand, bated breath

Aligning angled line hooked

With squiggly dead/live bait


Life oozed(ing) out of bait

Lures live fish to assuage

Hunger at cost of own life


Hunter quarry attached

Invisibly at two ends

Of a meandering lifeline


Destiny~ the ultimate fisherman

Patiently dangling hook line

Sinker, to snag life one last time




Dips Dips



There are dips and

Then there are dips

That trip…


Happily dipping chips

Into a new recipe dip

Reflected on life


There is curtsey and

Then there is a dip

That trips…


A giving heart must never

Set itself up for reciprocity

That trips…


Luckily life-the great teacher has

Taken me on paths not taken, zero

In expectations and dips


Truthfully speaking dips

Occurred when heart was tested

But the let downs were less shattering


Depth of dips have become shallow

Heart refuses~ in self pity to wallow, life curtain

In initial Up or final down is after all a one man show




In land of the sighted
One eyed Jane wields
Royal seal these days

Changed climes
Render discernment
A tough choice

Fists furled as newborn
Spirit fetal posed is like
That doe bungling in headlights

In a struggle for survival, former
Friends have changed allegiance
Foes wear friendly smiles

Know well it is need of the hour
But fail to understand sale of soul as there
Is always a way to retain and eat your cake

Changed climes throw strange equations,
I sit back and enjoy life’s unfolding power play
Mind ever practical, my soul is not up for sale

Thankful for this novel throw of dice
As I journey towards detachment, my hung
Emotions have now unpinned as false notions

Life cycles in each and every nuanced circumstance
Revolving rotating always replicating those planets
Orbiting in outer space, earth’s chameleon seasons

In land of the sighted
One eyed Jane wields
Royal seal these days

*The Thinker painting is by Edvard Munch

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