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Day after Mega Jackpot

Scurrying as usual
Mentally bolted out of front
Door even as body shuffled
… Grumpily

No, I did not win anything
Given my nature~ told myself
There will be other jackpots
Why then worry~

Our street pavement
However told another story
Littered by dozens of losers’ tickets
~ Despair’s confetti

Woebegone sky’s drizzle
Matched tear for tear
Frustrated hope’s fizzle

A dozen clam shells
Lay facing sky- life shucked
Often life from life plucks

Saturday’s motley crowd
Presented a soggy sight, carrying hot
Java Joes to put back pep- jackpot let out

A dapper forty something hatless gent
In crisp brown creased pant suit matched
With eye catching antique pink shirt

No sissy that ~while the diminutive investment
Broker from local chase bank was carrying
A huge umbrella to offset own littleness

A hopeful pigeon boldly hopped inside
My office – then hopped out realizing slim
Pickings not worth its time- flying off


C’est Vie

C’est Vie

Sun scalloped

At stark
Tree tops

Trees stoically
Reticent~ holding
On to self dignity

Aware of imminent
Greening and laden
Branches teeming

Birds piling
Life upon life
Happily nesting

Seasons dawn dusk
Light shadows
Wax, bite dust

~ ** ~

Sky at Dusk

                            Sky at Dusk
Purple mottled
Sky at onset of dusk
daylight throttled
sun on last legs still
spinning gold
gilding trees,

house tops

old world

gas lampposts
ever alert

on their posts
Burning bright

aflame at mere

of possible

in the

guilt ridden




Waiting Room

Another  Waiting Room

Splotched dusty walls
Florescent light patches
Lone winter poinsettia
Grinning red faced

Above dragon at front desk
A motor mouth in purple
Filling tired waiting room
With her tinny prattle

New untidy plump patient
With two fatigued red bags
Digging for personal data
To ink information sheets

Old patients- a couple
Gossiping among selves
Their Spanish tripping gently
A waterfall in early evening

Floor dirtied from shoe scuff marks
Further littered with sundry inserts
Colorful eye catchers, let go at large
By aged diverse topic(ed) magazines

These inserts are insidious
Like proverbial cat’s paw
Making generous offers
With invisible fish hooks

Air of quiet desperation, hope
Devil may care mixed with reek
From a medicinal leak assaulting
Senses on day petering on last legs

Insipid walls – silent repositories
Of tasteless frames save an Eduard
Manet holding pride of place ~a lush
Painted garden with picture perfect seat

Opposite wall- woebegone displaying
Famous mausoleum Taj Mahal- love’s tear
On time’s cheek, third with flat screen, spouting
Facts figures on diabetes offering sawdust recipes

Crossing uncrossing legs, twiddling
Thumbs, hastily jotting impressions
On paper scraps psyching myself to calm
Down and give my innate impatience a rest

*painting is by Edouard Manet

Frozen Music II

Frozen Music  II

mountains valleys
lovingly sculpted
over aeons ~

… cascades’ tooled
streams billowing
awl winds~

thunder lightening
spit polished, work
in progress ~ unfinished

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