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light filled
to swallow dark


Face down
glowing discs
To fallen uplift


To greet all
in acknowledgement


In praise
For benediction


In swift motion
In exhortation


Palm clapping palm
In thrall
Total exultation



Palm upon palm
Gathering energy
Healing self to then heal






Healing II



healing energy
purifying cleansing

Soft feathery strokes
Dancing in the air
Soothing calming
Sucking pain
Undulating endlessly
Hands mesmerize
Rhythmically in motion


Arms cocooning
Embracing bracing
Intermittently crooning
Exuding loving grace
silencing mind
Relaxing stricken
Absorbing  grief


Healing energy waves
Encircle succor
Sick in body  mind
Pain slowly dissipated
Gradually evaporating
healing energy enters
Filling the void


Soft feathery strokes
Dancing in the air
Soothing calming
Sucking all pain
Undulating endlessly
Hands mesmerizing
Rhythmically in motion

(picture from internet)

Mannequin and Laughing Buddha

Mannequin and Laughing Buddha


Mannequin to Window dresser

You manhandle me

roughly, put me under

Your arm, rush me rudely

Forgetting I am a genteel lady


Laughing Buddha to Mannequin

Guffawing Buddha nearby

benignly spoke from pedestal perch

worry not pretty lady, I hereby bestow

life on you for a day to speak your mind


Mannequin to Window Dresser

You have ridden rough shod with me

Treated me shabbily, now I place curse

The day I crumble, you crumble too and as

our clays mingle, you’ll become me, I you

(pic from internet)

On Reversed Tides

On Reversed Tides

Destiny’s beaten
Slept under ancient tree

Birds hovered
Hooded cobra
Sat vigilance

Temple faithful
Beheld sight in

Fervor’s rush
Led misled, gush
Of fruits and such

Life’s loser forcibly
Turned spiritual guru
By dame luck

Upon coming to
Thief petty found self
Cynosure of fervent eyes

Quick wits and reality’s
Swift grasp led from gasp to
Brash grab of opportunity golden

Furious barter ensued, most
Offerings, soft demands imbued
flexible, inflexible never misconstrued

Luck made good man thief
Then gave a spiritual whitewash
Voila here dwells a man of god

Body is temple of spirit divine
All is within own realm to find
do I speak not of mice and men?
**picture from internet