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Weaned leaves
Cackle in the wind
Ancient tongues wag

Denuded tree
Arms barren
Empty nest

Crimson fallen leaves
Vie with puddles of light
Who is brighter?

Autumnal weeds
Period of morning
Regenerate post hibernate

**picture from internet





Dawning Dawn

Dawning Dawn

Glowing dot
On sky’s forehead
Vision infinite

Earth sky demarcated
Boundaries tacit
Cross at own peril

nature mirrored in ocean,
mirror portal to new dimension
the curious, venture

trees tickle sky’s exposed belly
fingers of consciousness pinprick
conscience from unexpected sources

crazy lunar tides
swing in throes of passion
faded moon a voluptuous Mona Lisa


*picture from internet

Red branch of autumn- Passion Paused

Red branch of autumn- Passion Paused


Red branch of autumn
Love’s slow burn
Fiery embers
passion’s hot flash
Attachments tenuous
Tremulous tentative
Crimson droplets


Killings merciful
Nature scythed
Emotionally fickle


unhinged handful
beyond reason
remain unhinged
tightly embraced


red branch of autumn
nature’s throes of passion
love’s magnum opus
blazing symphony


*picture from internet only





Ignominy’s disdain

Cleaved like a butcher

Birthing numerous deaths


Dying is easy

Living hard

Reinventing self harder


Mind is a porous lockbox

Losing effervescent nuggets

Retaining mostly bitter distillates


Petit mort occurs daily

Dishonor is a grievous death

Resurrecting unabated labor pains


Soul is water in cupped palms

Tread with care, once compromised

causes numerous deaths


gift of crisp hours twenty four daily

to spend at will, make each moment

momentous, a host of florescent memories

Grief – Work Sketch

Insidious virus

Flares at will

Rendering helpless



In life’s seesaw of

Losses gains, losses

more provocative



Longings wistful

Surface plentiful

Complicit nature*


*nature as in nature-environment

**painting is by Van Gogh

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