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Life Tapestry

Life is a loom, a great

tapestry evolving, ever

in flux, heaving and

hawing, no chimera


all intentions fired

or sheathed, lending

hues that imbue

Skeins to thread, and


Weave,  like smoke etching

Words gently that undulate

In the azure canopy above

To snag eyes


emotional flotsam jetsam

Skimming life’s waters

Rhythmically, tides in

Ebb and flow ever heaving


Life’s only a massive pot pourri

With wheeling, dealing, interacting

A fluidity not ever stilling, a

veritable tapestry in motion


tangible intangible

substantial, insignificant

a dream- real surreal

potent, cogent, incongruent


Combat Defense

bad moods

Malevolence unload

am unhappy, you be sore!


Wielded shield

Smiles replete

Lasered brow’s pleat



**the office bête noire  was on attack- ducked, applied tlc,all hunky dory- we call her the lean mean selling machine:)


Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

Mark Twain



W o rd s

w or d  s

wo r  ds


Grabbed handful

Packed in bunches

Discarded yellowed

Retained fresh lush


Knife peeler palmed

Bunches spliced, diced

vowels, consonants cubed

letters prepped spice imbued


words steamed skillfully

ready verses dished in notes

tagged for consumption provided

aroma tantalizes enough to relish


** bought lots of greens and then exhausted myself prepping and cooking! whew!

Tercets -life

Life’s book flashing by :

Whirling fan

Flipped pages

epilogue to prologue



Disgustingly discombobulated*

Even as will wills to tackle

Body supersedes mind in tackle

*confused and disconcerted



Phantom Limbs & Shelf Life

with progress

things atrophy


comfortable ties

choke or amputate selves


DNA dilutes

Redundancy rules


often wonder at own emotions

and/or lack thereof


why feelings run lackluster

my need to emote, warmth muster


do feelings too have a shelf life

with longevity chalked out


absence no longer endears

fallacy, same old antics do pall


is it detachment or emotional turnoff

at life’s fag end, I cogitate, question


do relationships have a shelf life

with an inherent expiry date?


Old poem – same subject


Have been wondering about it of late

Do relationships have an expiry date?

Sight of some who gave a rush of joy

Same face same antics now do annoy

Some pandered to and cultivated contacts

Outlive their usefulness and only distract

Few relations that by loved ones are foisted

Over time do pall to be severed and discarded

Fake relationships make strange bedfellows

Quickly dissolving ignominiously as dodoes

Childhood crushes and some love bitten brushes

Over time reside in mind merely as fond memories

Neighborly relationships are formed dictated by need

Tested yet short lived with inbuilt chips to timely recede

Handful of friends and few resilient blood ties

Stay the course of bonds and persist over time

Thus I do maintain in life everything is rated

Comes with short span, stamped, expiry dated

***   ***   ***

Practically all the relationships I know are based on a foundation of lies and mutually accepted delusion.- Kim Cattrall

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational. – Hugh Mackay  Author , Athlete

A relationship, I think, is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies  –    woody Allen

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