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Burst of Life

burst of life
cracking bark
life’s move forward

earth’s veins
humming chirpily
readying for furious activity

winters overstay
unwelcome guest- may you
leave in peace, not as pest

pleasure pain
life’s refrains
notes high, low

sickle moon cuts
heart of night dark
sun scythe’s moon

survival is name of game
weak may be meek, yet
are never quite beat

cheery cherry blossom
blossoms despite frost
toothless frost rendered speechless


A Plea

I have loved you from the very start
You are the only one in my world, apart

Allow me a place in your heart, or enable me
to adorn you as a garland by piercing my heart

exotic offerings, flowers honor you daily
wild flowers too are your responsibility

keep me ever entangled in your thoughts
if it takes grief to do it, then let it be so

let others have boons they seek and you bestow
I wish to bask in your blissful thoughts and glow

I behold you in every child’s laughing innocence
I see you in leaves, trees, ocean, sky, living creatures

You are kernel internal in every heartbeat
You are shimmering in every living body

You people my thought twenty four seven
I chant your name with each pore in my body

Let my arteries not harden at others’ plight
Let eyes wet and heart melt at others’ grief

Often you challenge with hardships inexplicable
Let me accept without question as far as possible

I know you desire pure love and nothing worldly
I too desire you from you, experiences otherworldly

Let me glow like a firefly filled with divine love and
flood me with effervescent headiness to rise like dove
I have loved you from the very start
You are only one in my world, apart

Allow me a place in your heart, or enable me
to adorn you as a garland by piercing my heart


Waiting Rooms

Waiting Room
      Waiting rooms
waiting room
      Nervous flock

Fidgety furtive
Eyes watching clock
Tick tock tick tock
Till names called out

Heave self off chair
upright sawdust legs
Quavering heartbeat
Prayers licked off lips

Suffer indignities
For greater good
Prevention better than
Cure, well understood

Now the infernal wait
An exercise done by rote
have lived life to fullest
ready for whatever they tell


 pic.from internet

Brothers Two (from old memory Page)

Brothers two
Name of Dalili
And Khalili
Descended every
Winter to our part
of the country

Came separately
Never together
Collected people
all the funds
They could

Every evening
A motley crowd
Gathered as they
Narrated tales of
Great Hindu epics
And mythologies

Sang hymns Enacted chapters
Mesmerizing crowds being great actors
Wheat complexioned of medium height
Good bodies, attracting young bodies
Until one stupid girl ran away with one
soon both brought back to parental abode

This episode aborted yearly flights
south of these two northern birds
even though their sing song voices
often rang in dream’s fanciful ears
they inculcated love for our heritage
epics myths, awesome panchtantra tales*

Like water displaced
Brothers dalili khalili
Were soon replaced
Others lacked their charisma
Such was their karma, yet in
Many a breast they held their place

Brother two
Name of Dalili
And Khalili
No longer descended
Each winter to our
Part of the country 


Indian epic poetry is the epic poetry written in the Indian subcontinent
mostly based on “itihasa” (Sanskrit: Itih?sa, “historical event”
from iti + ha + ?sa, lit. “so indeed it was”). Ramayana and Mahabharata
originally composed in Sanskrit and translated thereafter into many other
Indian languages, are some of the oldest surviving epic poetry on earth and some works
form the basis of Hindu scripture 

The Panchatantra (IAST: Pañcatantra, Sanskrit: ??????????, ‘Five Principles’)
is an ancient Indian collection of animal fables in verse and prose,
in a frame story format. The original Sanskrit work, which some scholars
believe was composed in the 3rd century BCE,is attributed to Vishnu Sharma
However, it is based on older oral traditions, including “animal fables that
are as old as we are able to imagine”. It is “certainly the most frequently
translated literary product of India”  and these stories are among the
most widely  known in the world and Aesop fables are based on them

(pics. are from internet)


seated on windowsill
legs hanging free
hands embracing self
viewing life
 Passing    passed
images tantalize
mind’s windshield fogged
faces undulate    in out
      I grab     to them   reach
as schools swim

that seven foot
 ebony mendicant
sun burnt weathered
left ear pierced
 bearing huge brass ring
equally thick anklets
monk living on alms  proffered only
 not to be asked
mother’s open door  his gracious assent
frugal intake sumptuous blessings
predicted for me longevity

trio of monks
mouths covered
left me open mouthed
had me wondering how
they got about-managed
 they functioned beautifully  ate sparingly
spoke ever so briefly
baring mouths only
in extreme necessity
unassuming  unobtrusive
peaceful  blissful

that shaman
healer caretaker
young in years
long in ancient wisdom
divine in body spirit
healing with touch
bearing transferring pain
on self   writhing in pain for hours
mom’s fussy care ministering healer
god’s emissary extraordinaire

railway tracks   headless body
grinning dripping red head
scaring everybody
cowering childish faces
fanciful  eyes saucers
bootleg books whodunits
uncle wandering eyes fingers
 smacked chastened  by aunty
withering looks withered ardor
duration short incorrigible

grown ups gambling
betting on cards
old granny boldest of them all-
bet house keys  to the horror of all
her head bitten off  by sons and old man
to the delight of  fistful of
long suffering  daughters-in law
as grownups laid law
biting her head off

that awful cobra
brownish in color
hood fanned
on way to school
my highest Olympian  jump in air
hyper ventilating scared stiff
soon to be stiff  pushed
by sensible hands
out of harm’s way

dear not so dear faces
times events places
fast food soul food
folklore festivals galore
trips travel jaunts of yore
uncomplicated times
simple folks
giving sincere
loving unique

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