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Square Peg

Square Peg

right amount of wrong
is just right
Square peg

squarely firm
in swirling world
misfit, no

niche carved
custom fit, not
chafing to fit in

stifling, ostentations
doing the rounds, airy
windows, square

unmolded thoughts
non cookie cutter spirit
cuckoo chicks

right amount of wrong
is just right
Square peg


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I Am a Tree

I Am A Tree
(random musings)
Holiday euphoria
Sneaky thief
fizz from a cola
antennae of heart
reading smoke signals’
purity percentages
mind’s open book
read at will
willingly if you will
no one can emote
a child’s innocence
sublimity of it all
emoting feelings
faint hearted
not stout at all
strong tree trunk
exposing welts
laughing stock
I’ve stopped running
Dug in self
Like a tree
Anointed face
heart’s colors
Purity hundred percent

Daybreak 1 and 11

December Sunrise

Like a soothing, warm, quilted gold comforter
Glowing rays of sun extend higher and higher
Countless arms ready to fold, hold to heart
Shivering masses at dawn’s new start

Like a cheery glowing angel of light bright
Sun unfurls its golden wings on snow white
Icicles like sun catchers shimmer bright
Winter’s white garment is set alight

Heartened at dispel of night’s gloomy cold
Life quickens bravely emerging suddenly bold
Hustle bustle and rustle for foraging to hoard
Making most of this gift of light’s early goad

Night and day, light and dark join in a fray
One to freely self spread, other to give it way
Such is life with countless joys and sorrows
One may have a day in sun, other a morrow

There is a reason for changing seasons
Rite of passage, wait to bide or burgeon
Time to plough, sow, tend and then mow
Spring summer fall winter thus ever flow



Stubborn needles of night light, weave
Knits and pearls with flickers of breeze
Creating a divine swaddling to spawn
New dawn from womb of night

Diffident gold flecked red smattered sky
Heralds birthing of the golden child, fast
Unfolding its incandescent limbs, to hasten
Receding darkness of previous night

Celebratory birds form smudgy vees
Dotting the crimson splashed sky turning blue
To show affinity and to walk in tandem
Empathetically, with the ocean below

Dismissed night gathers self swishing its velvety
Black, heavily silver laden starry cape, to ride
Off on the wings of its nocturnal sympathizers
Biding time for another triumphant comeback

Rainy December Morn

Rainy December Morn

On way to work
Struggling with a
Parapluie somehow
Wending my way
Up the hill, I behold
Skeletal trees rejoicing
With snowflakes lit
On a holiday spree
Trees stick out with
Their stark filigree
Bare bones against
Backdrop of a sky
rather bleak, having
coolly plucked out the sun
from its horizontal sleeve
another day,
another dollar
wind swept, rain mopped
streets and houses
glistening denuded of
yesterday’s drudgery
and emotional grime
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I wish I was
one of those
With eye ever
Fixated on you

The tenuous
reality of life
threading me
to the source
that is you

attached by umbilical
fibers of ancient memories
launched in amniotic
waters of life, fraught
with temptations

I feel like a kite
Dancing high in sky,
Anchored safely to you
Soaring on wing and prayer
never to be let loose

I am that adventurous branch
Off shooting from life’s tree trunk
That is you and when I get overly
Ambitious, primed for a fall, you
sustain by jiggling my memory

You are there, therefore I am
I exist only at your will
At your whim and fancy
Keeping myself real as I behold
Your flame in all and sundry

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