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The Heirloom- 2





Ingot refined

Keen eye purchased

Artistic eyes invited

Visualized form inside

Tools of trade


Heart of silver

ingot wrought

Lovingly hidden

shape brought out

Lines and intricate

patterns etched

Applied tinkle bells

hues to enhance

A craftsman

lovingly created

A silver rattle for

newborn baby

To herald arrival

of next generation

A new bud in the family tree

To further the clan

With pomp and élan

Bringing joy

To faces




(baby holding silver rattle gifted by great great granny-family heirloom)

  ***  ***  ***

 The Heirloom- 1

Property went equally to siblings four
Except one heirloom they all craved for

A beautiful piece of their family history
Square settee, gold inlaid with a story

Folklore had it, this was passed on
Generation to generation, from eons

The brother who was settled in Zanzibar
Relinquished his share for a tiny gold bar

Other two brothers who lived in the big city
Let go also for expensive tokens, quite glitzy

Youngest was the sister who lived in London
This heirloom had been her cherished mission

Happily dispatching this precious load with care
She quickly said goodbyes and paid her airfare

Settee was reverently placed in her London den
And hours were spent reliving years till age ten

Mother had lovingly served all four mouths, goodies
Seated on this settee constantly filling hungry bellies

Fairytales and proverbs that accompanied her food
Were pure common sense instilled and thus imbued

She decided to repair and shine the lovely heirloom
Called a known carpenter for a shine and a bloom

A coat of varnish was given under her ever watchful glance
Lo and behold a secret drawer was found, what romance!!!

Excitedly it was pried open and contents removed carefully
A tiny dairy, a silver canister and a necklace, very gingerly

Dairy enumerated her granny’s peccadilloes, document family lineage
The necklace had adorned this rebel great grandmother of regal visage

She put the necklace around her neck but the clasp was broken
She surmised perhaps it was squirreled away from a spoilt scion

In seventh heaven she photographed and imaged her precious finds
Quickly sending data in attached files to relevant expert historians

With bated breath she scanned for replies as her curiosity steadily rose
Smelling an exciting discovery given their blue bloodlines she supposed

Bingo! on that fateful Monday morning over a muffin and a coffee
She read they’d descended from of a Mighty King with no boundary

Their genes were a pure bloodline and the document was a national treasure
She was hard put to relinquish as it authenticated and reinforced her measure

She informed her siblings of this exciting discovery and information
They were glad yet could not appreciate its value, being ultra modern!!!

***  *** ***

No heirloom of humankind captures the past as do art and language-Theodore Bikel, Austrian Actor

As you age naturally, your family shows more and more on your face. If you deny that, you deny your heritage.
Frances Conroy,American, Actress 

Heredity is a strong factor, even in architecture. Necessity first mothered invention.
Now invention has little ones of her own, and they look just like grandma.
E(lwyn) B(rooks) White, 1899-1985, American Author, Editor


Dream Weaver Spiral

I want to weave a dream
With skeins of moonbeams
Tender most threads of early sunrise
Crisscrossed with shimmering silver
Lining of pregnant clouds dark and bloated
Held in place end to end by a luscious moon and a ripe
Orange sun that has dipped halfway into the horizon


This precious and fragile dream shall be
Cradled by rainbows that are colored by the
Choicest emotions of love and hope and desires
And cravings and courage and decisiveness and
Wherein shall meet that one special lover with
His beloved and together they shall weave a
Brand new dream of their own in a new spiral


Dream weaver shall thus be remembered to posterity
Spiraling into eternity driven by unicorns of twinkling
Dreams woven by lovers sworn to one another forever
And ever and the various constellations and stars shall
Bear witness to this covenant arrived at and renewing
With every new spiral of love encircling the heavens
End to end joined by milky ways riding on falling stars

(pictures from internet)

Paved Earth

As I walk over
Her laid out body
Gritty gravelly
Watery kneaded
Bonding hugging
Reclining supine
In miles sublime

Pounded soundlessly
Myriad endless hues
Heaving hurrying shoes
Staggering lingering
Unhurried hurried
She accepts it mute
Under skies azure

Wind swept smeared
Sun seared leaf adhered
Deposits ignominious
Some lifted some left
Stoically endured all
Voices gravelly smooth
Screechy soot cheroot


Couth uncouth
Cutting knifing
Loving purring
Beseeching bewitching
Switching Lisping
Limping Impish
Childish coquettish


Sly snide
Deride gibe
Fib crib ad lib
Revile rejoice
Brace reduce
Seduce amuse
Bemuse gouge

Voice Voices
Cacophony jarring
Discordant noise
Silence dispatched
Feet plying endlessly
On mother earth
Concrete covered

“The Tao [Way] that can be told of is not the eternal Tao;

The name that can be named is not the eternal name.

The Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth;

The Named is the mother of all things.

Therefore, let there always be non-being, so we may see their subtlety,

And let there always be being, so we may see their outcome.

The two are the same,

But after they are produced, they have different names.

They both may be called deep and profound.

Deeper and more profound,

The door of all subtleties!”
– Lao Tzu


pictures from internet




Combing life’s sandy grains
Of hour glass spent
Willfully or not
I found some nuggets

Few precious pearls sieved
Deep into psyche
Distillate hoarded
Insurance failsafe for
Inclement time bits

Odd semi precious gems
Two shaded mossy
Green algae betwixt glossy
Pleasure pain entwined
Destiny designed


Shore to shore endless
Heaving expanse
Life’s ocean bed
Graveyard of desires
Aborted ambitions


Stringing lei of personal
Treasures for wear over
Clinging dress of dignity
To celebrate carnival of
Life joyously


pictures from internet

Beware of the Camel's Nose!

 Beware of the Camel’s Nose!


Please sir I am very cold, kindly do relent
Permit me to insert nose in your desert tent

Okay, get your nose inside!

Sir kindly allow me to insert one foreleg
It is very cold outside, I do humbly beg

Okay stick one leg inside!

Please sir, do allow inside my other foreleg as well
As one foreleg cold other warm will make me unwell

Go ahead put your other foreleg inside!

Please sir, how about allowing one hind leg inside tent
My hind legs are freezing master kindly do give consent

Alright, pull in one hind leg!

Sir my three legs are cozy inside and only one is outside
Allow me to pull fourth one inside camel piteously cried

Sigh! Okayyy pull your fourth leg in!

Thus gradually with a lot of cajoling entreaty and guile
Camel fully occupied desert tent and Arab lost his smile

Hey! Wait a minute!  There is no room for me!

The camel with wily words placed himself fully inside
Displacing Arab out of warm tent to languish outside

Dayyyyummm!  Ya Homar, ya kalb!


Ya homar = you donkey.

Ya kalb = you dog.
**  **  **

A Guest

A guest is one who comes for short while
Leaving before host loses welcoming smile

A guest is best who takes only an inch
Not stretching inch to mile in a pinch

A guest is best who accepts only a hand
And does not grab whole arm to expand

***  ***  ***

Fish and visitors smell in three days.  ~Benjamin Franklin

Staying with people consists in your not having your own way, and their not having theirs.  ~Maarten Maartens

Visits always give pleasure – if not the arrival, the departure.  ~Portuguese Proverb


(pictures are from internet and storyline based on an arabian fable)

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