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Pickle Memoir Mango Memories

As workout regimen has body drawn and quartered
My Mind hotfooted away from it thus cornered and
Sped towards painless carefree childhood pastimes
Replete with happy memories of the luscious lip-
Smacking, mouth watering, raw, incredibly edible,
Pickled curvaceous smooth n plump, full of infinite
Promise, sweet and tart greenish gold unripe mangoes


Hauled home by mom post a wordy marathon repartee
A skilled bargaining charade by well honed tongues
The bounty thus won was dearer and first flaunted
At the inquisitive, awfully nosy neighbors, all curious
Agog n wondering and who involuntarily salivated as
The catch’ was carefully extracted and landed tenderly,
To be systematically drawn and quartered, splayed

Oozing juice tickled childish nostrils automatically flared
And our growing vampire teeth were flashed ready to pounce
and sink themselves into the delectable green raw marrow
of summer’s bumper juicy crop full of promise- tart bounty
delectable eminently edible mouthwatering raw mangoes as
our salivary glands jigged a tango in pure joy propelled by
past memories of sweet tart lip smacking pickled delights

Next the triangular pieces of mangoes were marinated in oil
Mixed diligently with spices of the likes of coriander, cumin,
turmeric, hot peppers, fenugreek, dash of mustard, zing of exotic
asafoetida, whole peppercorns and fennel, expertly rolled, mixed
seasoned in measured time periods for staying power and for
placement in the oily amniotic belly of the readied tall pickle
jars, washed, towel dried prepped for summer’s priceless bounty

playful little hands itched to open tightly sealed mouths of the tall
pickle jars that stood upright basking in the scorching summer sun
while in them the floating luscious cut mangoes simmered and
readied themselves to be perfectly edible for future feedings
as the naughty sparrows chirruped, wily mice chattered and the
squirrels darted about circling the pickle jars inquisitively as mom’s
 stern warning to stay clear of them rang in wee ears, rankling

***   ***   ***

Repertoire of Mango Memories 

Memories as cutlets
Served in dishes flat
Mouthwatering splats
Mangoes in couplets

Hearing word mango
my heart jigs a tango
shaking memory tree
I am in a joyful spree

Have enjoyed by bucketful
Slurping dripping mouthful
Only mangoes  tasted the best
When mooched off neighbor with zest

Chased by irate stick wielding gardener
Yelling threats and expletives in anger
Held secure in skirt of childhood dress
Ripening n raw, all tasted the very best

Twisting of my tiny ears did not hurt
Replete with mangoes that did squirt
Let go cheaply with reprimands curt
Bootleg mangoes were worth our effort

Alphonso variety is king among mangoes
But Sardar mango is huge where size goes
Gorging mangoes and their enjoyable licking
Was good but  digestions did take a beating

Pickled, juiced, cooked, looted
Yummy juicy delicious branded
Mangoes n childhood go hand in hand
To be plucked and relived in heartland


Mangoes are fruits fit for kings
Crème de crème- nature’s fling
Come in many varieties n tastes
Wholly useful nothing to waste

Hearing word mango
my heart jigs a tango
shaking memory tree
I am in a joyful spree

pictures from the internet- not mine!!

Weight Loss Battle

Weighty Struggle
Present weight loss struggle does my mind boggle
My aching head and limbs not in sync cannot toggle

Mind decides to toe the line n stretch limbs
Limbs wish to curl up comfortably and sing

My body behaves like many a troublesome teenager
Those who take pleasure in thwarting their stern elders

Totally flabbergasted and flummoxed for once
I’m clueless as how to regain control n balance

I knew my journey in weight loss would be uphill
Happily I’ve paid my bill yet find myself on a grill

Wise say it is wrong to expect rewards for all struggles
But I desire rewards of chocolate n cream cheese bagel

Wise say the act of struggle is the reward not what you win
As struggle strengthens n ultimately leads to success therein

My beat up body has dreams only of food and recess
Trainer fiend wants me to suppress n halt food obsess

Woe is me with aches and pain, breathless flogging myself
Wondering if I’m better off  parking my “thin” resolve on shelf!

****  ****  ***

Yoga Woes And Favorite Pose



My Favorite Yoga Pose Etc.
Religiously I beat myself black n blue
Folding, molding, angling to unglue

Inhaling n exhaling dutifully sans ado
Psyching self to suck air n tummy too

Gradually groaning n moaning, my bones
Whole body, the ligaments and stiff joints

Orchestrated and performed the yoga poses
Browbeaten into coming to heel in wee doses
Finally amidst much fanfare and mantra chants
Whole sequence was completed with inner rants

Happy to be free from posture’s travail and inner wail
My freed body sank on the floor like a beached whale
Relaxing our mind and body was a very soothing voice
And my pained organs off the hook chortled and rejoiced

Letting go whole body limb by limb turned out to be a bore
Finally yoga group sat up to pray and I let out a loud snore
I had mastered the corpse pose well in one shot!

(pictures from internet – google images-DISCLAIMER




 Colorful broken pieces of a life time
Some prosaic, few colored, some sublime
Retrieved sieved churned drudged smudged
Some real, some wistfully recalled a few fudged
Some linked, some declined, some chained
Some losses, some best buried, some gained
Few willfully forgotten, some hungered, some refrained
Colorful broken pieces of time gathered as life ordained
Collected collated anticipated culled mulled
Faced, jaded, grimaced, frayed, brayed, grayed
All tones interfaced with colored time pieces
To conjure a finished mosaic happily interfaced


A composite mosaic exciting enticing albeit prosaic
Depicting reality tinged with fictions and fairytales
Eye candy that regales and is intriguingly failsafe
Life to excite and grab needs teeth of this and that


Ceramic chips culled from past of good times and bad
Bits n pieces that give joy or make one wince with pain
All the ingredients necessary to give it a heart and brain
A masterpiece that throbs with life beckoning again n again 


(pictures from internet-disclaimer) 

The Playful Sprig

 Detached from my moorings
Clueless, I danced giddily with happiness
Full of curiosity, astride the blowing wind
Got intoxicated after soaking in new sightings


Earlier. anchored to my branch my view was limited
Now I go freely wherever the friendly breeze takes me
Alas! First I was bound by birth and now I am swept off
Totally at the mercy of a whimsical wind, such is my destiny


My siblings that stayed still hang from the parent tree
Cared for, cherished, nurtured, safely anchored
I am like that rolling stone without any moss and
The gilt that glittered from tree top is really dross


It is all a matter of perception
What appeared to be intriguing then, in reality
Is not so and what is tangible is what is and
We already have it, rest is a mirage, shadow only


Ultimate truth is that light n shadow exist in life’s vessel
A patchwork quilt where dark and bright sides wrestle
We all go through this cycle, turning relentlessly like those
Grain mills, taking turns at being a mortar or a pestle


I have had my moment in the sun
Where I enjoyed sights and sounds of fun
Now the wind has dropped me on a different ride
Where I know I will be thoughtlessly swept aside


I am ready to depart with few qualms
I’ve happily lived life on my own terms
I have relished widening my limited horizons
I gladly now pay the price n perish for being brazen

(photograph courtesy Howard Bloom)  

Little Heart Breaker

A smile that warms the
Cool cockles of my heart
An open face that beguiles
Eliciting hibernating smiles
the little heart breaker holds
in her sway all that she beholds
unbeknownst she has  firmly captured
Our hearts in her tiny palms pinkish red
I flutter my wings to free self from this spell
Flee from mesmerizing magic, daily I myself tell
Like silly putty and melting ice my heart misbehaves
She can play and reshape, freeze or thaw her slaves
She is blissfully ignorant of her power over her loved ones
A blessing and affirmation of our faith daily she heightens
She is a heart breaker
Who knows not her power

she is that lovely flower
who has graced our bower

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