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Freeze Framed Images

Like a butterfly fluttering

In throes of orgasmic ecstasy

Hovering joyously over her blossom



Like a moth dancing in gay abandon

A coquette fearlessly immolating self 

Passion enflamed by her lit lover in flambé



Like a gaunt faced earth fissured in thirst

Youthfully filling out post rejuvenating rain shower

Wafting fragrance in air after satiation in love



Like a seeker’s eternal quest to find meaning of life

Conquering hurdles with an insouciant meander

Ultimately immersing self in ocean of knowledge



Like a sunflower wilting under sunless skies

Perking up after being caressed by its golden lover

Blooming gloriously like a young damsel coming of age



Like a sad sobbing baby with a hurtful bump

After mother’s soothing ministration and kiss

Smiling happily as a sun breaking through the clouds 



Like a bereft sighing abandoned flute

Waiting to be caressed by the Master’s lips

Making divine music after connecting with beloved





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Hungry white
Suffusing light
Post food binge
Greenish tint
Usurping hints
Post doubt pangs
Molten reddening
Betrayal threatening
Post uncovering
Bluish paling
Weak faltering
Post indisposition
Liverish purpling
Anger jolting
Post defiance
Black spread
Poison dread
Post fatal bite
Pale wan face
Flushed pink
Post eyewink
 Every pore suffused
Rouge love dipped
Post happiness
Color Me Happy
Color me steeply
love color me deeply 





illusions delusional
egoistic sensational
insensate senseless


bubbleheads in bubbles
hoarding many a rubble
chasing money baubles


illusion shattered
dissipation, Supplication
soul’s reclamation


placating paying obeisance
recouping lost luminescence
kindling dimmed conscience


awakening remembrance
reviving dormant intuition
revving spirit’s rejuvenation

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© 2001-2009 Ales Prikryl – all rights reserved

Ashes To Ashes


Ashes To Ashes


Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust
Thus Ordained We Must bust


lying in the sea of sand
molded images disband

portal to portal born to decay
blossom time bound betrayed

oceans of countless sandy grains
nature hewn or manmade terrains

reiterating exhorting again and again
shed superficial  pseudo façade refrain

spirit n soul are only ones that endure
bodies erode as all have limited tenure

Colossus of Rhodes was felled by nature’s tremor
Towering egos too shall be deflated by death equalizer

There is but one numero uno  truth ultimate
Ashes to ashes dust to dust us will time decimate

Granted footprints made in the sand will blow away
Imprint and embed in hearts by those acts that sway


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© 2001-2009 Ales Prikryl – all rights reserved





total supplication
elemental immersion
Highest spirit’s invocation

pagan spirits made bold
shattering artificial molds
melting layered fool’s gold

liberating shriveled souls paroled
To purify sanctify cleanse and remold
Arms loving forward for embrace enfold

We all beseech, seek cleansing tenfold
Immerse us in fiery kiln elemental to glaze
Decadent bodies of clay to rejuvenate, emblaze

Shorn of trappings we stand naked as newborns
Craving for fresh regenerating daybreak’s morns
O Wind, sand, fire, sun, forsake not your firstborns!! 


Images used after permission from: ( .
© 2001-2009 Ales Prikryl – all rights reserved

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